January 30th, 2004

Sanzo-style satori

It's funny because it's true

From this entry on the Daredevil movie:

diamonde: Possibly I could fix the plot holes by sticking in the dance break from 'Toxic' and replacing the relevant Daredevil dialogue with Eminem lyrics.

And in the comments:

d_benway: As a het male, I had to admit that the stills of [Jennifer Garner] as Elektra beforehand made me think:


After actually seeing the film and JGs cringe-inducing performances (which were also my first exposure to JG), I could not help thinking:

Nana Mouskouri would have been better.
So would Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, and Helen Mirren.
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(no subject)

ameonna: dude. nintendo is in absolutely no danger of bankruptcy. the xbox lovers are insane.
ameonna: -.-;; they're predicting the doom of nintendo. yeah, maybe if nintendo's mouth wasn't still bloody with the feast of sega's remains, but, uh, them japanese sons of bitches ain't goin nowheres.
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Let me make myself perfectly clear

Recent exchange regarding Logan/Scott scene. starfishchick was prompting for "more".

Hey, I'm just following instructions. You said "No smut required". If we're going to have manly sex, I'll need to warm up a bit. Sorry, if they are going to have manly comfort sex, I'm going to have to warm up a bit.

badcat42077 says:

Is there something in my voice that screams, "Interrupt me! I like it!! And if it’s in the middle of a question, it’s twice as good!!" or "Why yes, I am stupid! Please spell words and phrases such as ‘Fort Worth’, ‘airline’, and ‘boulevard’ to me! But never spell anything else such as your name, which is spelled ‘Xpjtfustlkd’ but is pronounced ‘BOB’"!!!!!!!!!
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shock! shock!

tux and tails or plaid and ballcap?

"Not only is this proof that Tn may just have single handedly beaten any other state for the "I'm such a backwoods Billy-Bubba Award", but it also proves that te world may truly be going to hell in the proverba rollback priced handbag as the company takes one more step towards world domonation."
--knytehawke on the fact that a Wal-Mart near him is doing a group wedding contest for the Lawn & Garden section. Whole post here.
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Well, someone's cranky at not being the center of attention

By way of niqui's LJ. (Subject line quoted as well.)


are we planning to invade cuba some time soon? did i miss another memo?

"In a five-hour speech in the Cuban capital, Havana, [Fidel Castro] said his country was ready to repel an invasion from the United States."

i mean, it's not that we don't love you and all, Fidel, but we're kinda busy at the moment.
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springtime the pony

(no subject)

bluejeanjexy, in joshgroban:

Does anyone know where I can get Josh Groban lyrics in English? I'm considering some of his songs for my wedding, specifically "Al Improviso Amore," and I want to know exactly what they mean, lest I walk down the aisle to something like, "She's so ugly/And her feet smell/I don't know why I love her/I just can't help myself/The funk must have me under a spell..."

(no subject)

fleegull in comments to a post by thamiris:

At first when I read that I thought you were still talking about marrying your vibrator and I was thinking excatly what a vibrator's mother would be - a big hunk of plastic, a regular massager?

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Hellraiser Kitty

Smartass car...

From namey:

I broke down and test drove one of the new Toyota Prias... freakin' sweet. Everything in this car, voice recognition on everything, including the stereo. I say "soul", it starts playing old school R&B. "Rock" makes it switch to rock and roll.

So I and the Toyota guy are cruising along some side streets, and some kids run out in front of the car. I hit the brakes (good brakes); the dealer guy, in a rare fit of non-plastic-grin, says, "Fucking kids."

About a minute afterward, I notice the radio'd switched to Michael Jackson.

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I went to Trick R Treat afterward and got my second set of boobs. Why will manufacturers make them with huge stiff nipples that poke through clothes quite obscenely? I may have to remove them in order to look normal. Normal, she says, thinking of six boobs.

--by valarltd
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