January 29th, 2004

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Don't you want to try this now?

From steahl

I don't mind people knocking on my door...

Except when I get to scare them. That's just plain fun.

Today...I got a religiou man. He stood outside my door and said "The Lord is My Shephered, I shall not want. Is the lord your shepherd?"

I smiled. I do not mind other's religions...unless they come to my door. So, naturally, my response was rather...odd. "No, Shepherds fleece the flock and sell our children. Then, when we get too old to bear wee lambs, we are ourself eaten in a stew...not my type of person at all."

Poor man...he blinked...and his mouth opened a few times...and he left.

I, naturally, went back to bed.
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My beloved mamadracula sent me an early Valentine's Day present, a full-length black velvet cape! It is very soft and lovely and I need a proper occasion at which to wear it -- also a clasp. mamadracula is trying to convince me that the proper way to wear it is with nothing underneath. I think a proper vampire wears fuck-me boots, at least.

-- cruisedirector

crantz, listing the names of his pets by species:

Degus (degus are rodents. They look like rat-sized gerbils):

Degu. Is a degu.
Degu. Is also a degu.
Crazyass Degu. Fuck, get it away from me.
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Selective Memories...

earthlydelight on nostalgia and posting of memories to LJ:

Am very disturbed. Last night was talking to mother who said:

"Do you remember when you kicked me in the crotch for not saying please?"

Convinced it can't have been me I protested until she reminded me of when my brother locked me in a kitchen due to the fact I was trying to stab him with a blunt knife because he had insulted Snoopy[...]Possibly not one to add to the Memories section.
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Yes, it's not quite real. :)

photosinensis: Hey! Imposter! You stole my name! Give it back!

thephotoman: I did not! I've been using this name for years! And besides, your name is obviously lightnote_blend. So shut up!

photosinensis: It's another one of my aliases, yes. But I use it for livejournal/journalfen/greatestjournal because thephotoman was already taken on livejournal! Wah! Stop impersonating me, bitch!

thephotoman: I am not a bitch. I am a MAN, dammit. Therefore I cannot be a bitch. So shut up you twat-forking lesbian!

photosinensis: Oh, I know you didn't just rip that off from my law in jurisimprudence! And yes, it's my law, dammit, not yours! Besides, I'm a straight guy. Bastard.

thephotoman: Well, I did see you at pottersues, so I just guessed you were a lesbian. After all, no-good lesbo cunts hang out there!

sagralisse: Is there any chance you two will start snogging at some point?

triple six yo

a post i made yesterday in my journal

Alexander says:
I incorporated Tony Danza into a burn the other day.
karmicunderpath says:
lmao, how did you do this?
Alexander says:
Someone said something about the MyDoom virus on a message board, another person replied saying the first person posted in the wrong forum, I replied with "This thread was moved from General Wekz. Next time you try to show someone who's boss, stop and remember you're not Tony Danza."
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funny spoof application

I?ve like, always been a wiccan in my past lives, like when I was a High Priestess in Celtic times, and a High Priestess in Egypt and stuff, but in this life I?ve been a practising wiccan since school broke up and I was like soooo bored!! We?ve done some magic. We did a spell to get boyfriends, and the next day Darren, who is the fittest lad on EARTH, came over to us in Meadowhall and said hi!!! So we know we are really powerful, but we?re like responsible and stuff.

Oh, just read the entire post by Sarah via samemaha in the Something Positive community. (What is it about that place that makes people so funny?)
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stigmatic made this comment when I ranted in diabetes about people bugging me with diabetes questions all the time:

Sometimes I start spinning a yarn - the more outlandish the statement, the more I swear they are true. Like "Oh, I usually take my insulin shot in my eye, but didn't want to gross anyone out." Or "You're right. I shouldn't eat pasta today, I'll eat your lunch instead. Give it here." or even "I'm not doing a shot, I'm injecting nanomachines to digest my food for me. My stomach was removed when I was a baby to make room for my extra kidney."

[GO] St. James' Park

Quoted from lakedeal, from a comment on my LJ.

"I've suddenly realised just how oddly disfunctional our phone conersations really are. I mean, generally, they run like this:

[Isabelle (copinggoggles' sister>)answers sounding dejected when she realises that once again, it's me. She'd probably be even more dejected if she knew I don't know how to spell her name]

copinggoggles: Hello. Just a second, there is something interesting going on in the background here.

lakedeal: *laughs at whatever is going on in copinggoggles' house, as copinggoggles' phone is freakishly receptive and picks up any sound in the room at all*

copinggoggles: Just a sec. Mouth full.

lakedeal: That's okay, I need to pee.

copinggoggles: Okay then, I have something really important to tell you. Oh wait. Something interesting is happening.


lakedeal: *cannot speak as she is laughing at copinggoggles so hard she can't breathe.

copinggoggles: *laughs at copinggoggles*

copinggoggles: I have to go now to study/sleep/fight with my sister.

As you can see, the amount of actual conversation that goes on is pretty non-existant =P"