January 27th, 2004

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so in the past hour or so Ive witnessed the violation of the poof chair at the hands of a flying perogie... the near death of karry from the same flying perogie... and that perogie being returned to its rightful owner (rob) via airmail... it was insanity... once the potato/butter/sour cream was removed from the poof chair karry and I launched a counter attack... I snatched away robs chex mix and karry threw a glass of water on him... it was a great tactical triumph... we win...

~the lovely likeawoman on tonights events
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60s Sev

The all-purpose accessory!

Belatedly gacked with permission from pegkerr

My office has been doing a Secret Pal program the last week, where those who participate exchange small gifts, secretly, with someone else in the office. There will be a lunch tomorrow, where we'll find out who our Secret Pals are.

Yesterday, I came back to my desk and found a little gift box and opened it up. I found a nice pair of work out socks, the sort that wick away your perspiration, and I thought, huh, it's someone who has been hearing me talk all the time about working out. Suddenly I began to giggle.

"What is it?" asked Nola, the secretary at the next desk.

I held up the socks with a grin.

"Harry Potter . . . has given Dobby socks!" I said in a high squeaky voice, and I widened my eyes maniacally. "Dobby is FREE!!!"

Nola, who has also read read the books, collapsed on the desk, laughing.
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About an annoying HP petition wherein shippers demand a Ron/Hermione hug be left in the upcoming movie:

darkslash: *headdesk* I'd start a petition to surgically remove the typing fingers of wanky HP fans, but what would I do with five million fingers?

merrymelody: I'm also a Ron/Scabbers shipper, so they just better keep in 'I let you sleep in my bed!' or else my enjoyment of the finished article will be vastly decreased!

Oh, and I completely forgot Michael Clarke Duncan and Ben Affleck shared screen time in [Armageddon]. Hell, they were practically alone in that mooncar thingy. Well, Peter Stormare was there, but he was a killer in Fargo, so I'm sure he would have politely looked away while Michael and Ben entered a murder-suicide pact to save us all from Daredevil. Because that, my friends, was the real Armageddon. (Or at least, it felt that way in the theater. Until Jennifer Garner's breasts came on screen. Not that I was looking or anything, we just had a very nice conversation of Affleck cooties and how they felt so very skeeved.)

-- apocalypsos
flowers that last forever

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I'll never know why I took the spoon into the bathroom with me when I went to do my hair... but I'm telling you, it saved my life.

"But how does a spoon save your life?"

You poor, blundering, naive soul. Spoons have wisdom.

See, I was sitting there lamenting the foot of snow on my car and saying to no one in particular, "If it doesn't warm up, I'm going to die of hypothermia."

The spoon, in its infinite wisdom, said, "Don't die! Think of all you have to live for!"

Well, that spoon got me thinking. I do have a lot to live for. I have a wonderful boyfriend, I have intelligent and loyal friends, I have a family that loves me. I told this to the spoon.

The spoon said, "No, silly! Coffee." It then lept from the bathroom sink, danced into the kitchen, dove into the sugar bowl, administered a healthy dose of glucose to my morning coffee, and spun merrily until the substances were blended.

Crazy? I was crazy once...

~ off_tempo friends locked, but quoted with permission
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slyzucchinio here, on how to keep the population growth under control.

"Claire and Lindsay and I were discussing how marker packs always say things like "10 Non-Toxic Markers!" and how silly that is. We decided that when we are big, we will sell marker packs that say "10 Non-Toxic Markers!", but there will be twelve markers included. You get to decide which two ARE toxic. Our slogan could be: More fun because Your Life depends on it! It'd be a public service, really. Weeding out all those who are dumb or unlucky."

Her whole journal is just absolutely hilarious.
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The wonderful Ms. mollyringwraith has yet again spoken wisdom and wit re: LOTR Oscar nominations, whole post here:

mollyringwraith: no acting nominations whatsoever? We'll kill them, precious, yes we will, and we'll give Sean and Elijah the Oscars once the nassty Academy snobses are dead. Ye-essss!
Ugh. Sean Astin, if you're reading this (hah), you've got about eight million extremely angry fans ready to rise up and stage a mutiny in your honor, and give you the award you deserve.

narsil_reforged: But look on the bright side, there's still next ye--oh bugger I forgot... *pummels self with broadside of sword* Okay, plan B for bright side: RotK is BY FAR the superior choice for best picture; if Seabiscuit wins I will personally buy out every single copy of it in my hometown, and have a little demolition derby.
*insert maniacal laugh here*
What the H. E. Double hockey sticks IS a fucking seabiscuit anyway, a whale turd???
*strangles nearest innocent bystander in aggravation*

ems: Bloody disgrace, I tell thee. If Sean Astin didn't deserve an Oscar, I'll eat my Lord of the Rings boxset. Hardback.
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