January 25th, 2004

Fandom, o how you frighten me....

Regarding a post I made about Harry Potter Lego sets:

I've actually seen the Lego!Harry things before, but only because people kept posting pictures of all the compromising positions they'd put theirs in together.
-- frazzles


What I'm fearing even more than the Lego poses is what's going to happen once the action figures for this movie come out. I'm sure quite a few people really WILL make them come out....
-- casira
dancing indigo


--dar_actually in a comment on som_pos responding to this article [showing up all over] about a Texas church that photographs cars in the parking lot of an adult store and then sending the owners of those cars pictures saying "...saw you in the neighborhood. Didn't know if you knew, but there's a church in the neighborhood."

"Maybe they had to go the porno store because somebody had already bogarded the altar boys, eh?"
[c] hark! a vagrant! - eat a dick
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Linda and I: [spend the greater part of ten minutes trying to get a vending machine to take our money. The machine appears to have no sympathy for thirst. Eventually our two heroines (ha!) compromise their dignity and ask a woman working for Lauda Air to help them figure out the secret of the wicked/tricksy/false machine. Lalala, the woman asks if the money is in euros. We tell her the money is indeed in euros and refrain from making a sarcastic comment to back up our fading shreds of discernible intelligence]

Lauda Air Lady: Is it coming up with any instructions for your problems?
Me: Yes, but we can't understand them.
L.A.L.: [condescendingly] They are usually fairly simple...
Me: ...they're in German.


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Gay Icons

"Sir John Gielguid - Johnny. Ah, Johnny. Johnny Johnny Johnny. I worked with him, you know. No, I didn't. But when I'm old and doddery, I'll claim I did, and then I'll tell people I'm Alec Guinnes. And then they'll ask for my autograph and insist that I sign as 'Obi Wan', and I'll beat them with a stick. Or maybe I'll just bypass all that and go straight to beating them with a stick. Who needs excuses?" - wheeler
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