January 23rd, 2004


The (cross-posted) Wisdom of Dave Barry

Dave Barry on the Iowa caucus:

"...And yet, somehow, out of this process emerges a winner, as the voters of Iowa -- having carefully considered all the candidates and their views on the complex issues facing the nation -- vote for the person who looks and sounds the most like he comes from Iowa."

It's worth adding the davebarrycolumn right now just to get his trademark twisted take on the whole Dem primary extravaganza!
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Too true

Heard that it looks like John Kerry will win the New Hampshire primary. Can he beat Bush? I dunno. I want to say yes but... grrr, becoming an ex patriot and wearing a beret as I sip espresso somewhere and talk about the old country is sounding more appealing by the minute...
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mind vs. body

Mind: Enough sloth- I need an endorphin kick. Back to a regular weightlifting schedule.

Body: Wait, wha- ack. Ugh. Nooooooooooooooo.

Mind: Yes! Earn your keep! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-

Body: Okay. Fine.

Mind: -HAHAHAHAHahahahahaha ah ha hah ... um. Ow.
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(no subject)

Speaking of swearing, I don't know if I've mentioned that Mom talks in her sleep. Using words that, as a rule, she doesn't employ during daylight hours. Her sleep rhythms are such that she often does it just as I'm drifting off to sleep, and I will be jolted awake by cries of SON OF A BITCH! or YOU BASTARD! from the other room. She's either dreaming about Dad or President Bush.

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Spammy Sue

There really should be bad Mary Sue (or Marty Sue, as the case may be) fic based on the names of spam senders. The rakish Tease H. Corridor, who I mentioned last week, belongs in a horrible Jane Austen litfic, corrupting the Dashwood sisters. Blackpoll Myogen, on the other hand, is the vivacious badass chick pirate who has lots of naughty threesomes with Sparrow and Barbossa.

--poisoninjest. And there's more!

(no subject)

So I said, about the Democratic Party's way of picking a candidate, "Sounds like a lot of dithering."

And catalase said:

You have stumbled upon the essence of democracy.

(then later she wrote Reading the early documents of the Founding Fathers is edifying; one of their primary principles is "If everybody is pulling in thirty directions at once, they probably can't do too much damage.")

And then I laughed and metaquoted her. :)