January 21st, 2004

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laurelin_kit: Gerard Butler is so hot that when he goes, "Be a boy! Be a boy! Be strong!" about his unborn child in Attila, it makes me want to run out and get a sex change and take weightlifting. JUST FOR HIM, BABY!
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If your character talks vaguely about an apple cut in half, and it's supposed to be a metaphor for her broken heart, I say, "Huh?" (Actually, that's only because I can't reach into the book and beat the character to death with a tire iron). Similarly, the character talking for three paragraphs about how the broken apple represents her broken heart makes me dream wistfully of going into the book and using a meat hook on her.

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Found on bikun's HellJay:

I feel a draft~!
Dear Work,

Yeah, you can make me wait around for hours because of late planes. Sure, you can then throw 115,000 pounds of freight in my face. You can definitely keep me until 13:00 to tie up loose ends.

But now I'm home, and you can't make me wear PANTS!


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Flat, sharp, crazy, retarded -- why doesn't anyone pick up a tape recorder and listen to themselves before they decide they're the next best thing since sliced cheese? At least cheese serves a purpose. It has protein and it tastes good.
-- ladyjaida, on the new wave of American Idol nutjobs
my fandom SP QE

Two! Two! Two for one!

widget285 in the comments here:

*stares stupified*

That's just freaky. Presidential candidates aren't supposed to be lickable at any age.

*continues staring*


eevee in the comments here:

It's so not fair.

Everyone knows all about the homosexual agenda and their plan to wage all-out war on straight people.. except me.

I guess it's because I'm bi; both sides think I'm a spy, or something.

Me too, dammit. I'm *so* out of the loop on the Marriage Attack Forces! I want in! Pleaaaaaase???
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I really just want to crawl back into bed, but while I feel like I can miss one history class, I don't want to miss mythology or ad lit. I've got on my Aragorn shirt. Everything's better when you've got the King's head between your boobs.


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praise_the_lord Talking about the TER rise in South Australian Universities, arguing that we don't care how big the classes are:

im imagining like 200 people in a classroom and they can't breathe "damn you howard, damn you!"
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slumming atheist, innocent

I just can't stop quoting her

Because you know, I'm starting to realize that while I don't really have any aspirations towards a future in writing (I mean published writing), I would very, very, very much like to write a drama. Dramas.

God. Is that the light I'm *supposed* to see???? Years and years of wondering and you want me to write soaps?
team7, from this very amusing entry on J-soaps
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