January 20th, 2004

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The Squirrels Have Gotten Fat.

The squirrels have gotten fat. They're storing up for winter. The ones around campus look cute this way, but it's even embarrassing for me when I watch them run.

It would be funny to hear a mistranslation of "The Night Before Christmas" where Santa's sleigh was described as a toboggan.

~ archangela
I love the world (xkcd)

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From thebratqueen...

Dude! I totally forgot the State of the Union was tonight! I was sitting here thinking I had to make sure to watch 24 and trying to figure out how to get that in tonight and get everything else done and how to best make use of my Tivo and - Dude! State of the Union!

I am SO spending tonight writing porn!

radiation of geekjoy
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From the highly indestructible lj of ffenics...

Went shopping this morning for some bits and bobs I needed, and ended up in the comedy goldmine that is the Mills and Boon section of the corner shop!

I know, I know, I'm sad. I like to scan the spines of those little books of pap to find the funniest title. check this month's contenders out:

BENEATH THE SILK - Not that wierd until you realise the subtitle is "He could go head to head with the devil!"
HER PLAYBOY CHALLENGE - like.... dress up in a bunny suit?
A MAN FOR THE NIGHT - and back to being a woman in the morning?
HIS INCONVENIENT WIFE - yes, he was always tripping over her.
THE OVERLORD'S BRIDE - At least its not overfiend.
THE CHIVALROUS RAKE - gardening tools are teh sexy.
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SPN: Keep calm and carry on
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mattlazycat, referring to Micros**t's indexing service:

It seems to be powered by little more than chaos theory and the anguished souls of screaming children, which (as any practiced tech-wizard knows) isn't the most stable of sources.

The rest of the entry is brilliant ... go read!
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cat & mouse
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larathia explained why she doesn't mind the fluffy pagans, in a comment to nonfluffypagans:

A lot of religions have fanatics and loonies that pick up weapons and shoot people. Pagans have fanatics and loonies that swear they'll throw fireballs and then stare really hard at their quartz crystals, which keeps them and everyone else out of harm's way and reduces the need for Ritalin.
  • celli

Jess vs. Shakespeare:

Joseph Fiennes: Cap me. You know you want to.
Me: I've taken six million caps of you already.
Joseph Fiennes: I'll pout if you don't. ::pouts::
Me: Gah! ::cap::
Gwyneth Paltrow: My hair is very shiny.
Me: Yes. ::cap::
Gwyneth Paltrow: Also, my dresses are pretty.
Me: ::cap::cap::
Colin Firth: I'm even cute when I'm bitchy.
Me: ::cap::
Ben Affleck: Ph33r my sexy goatee!
Me: ::cap::
Rupert Everett: Ahem. ::SMOLDER::
Me: OMG CAPCAPCAP. ::flails helplessly::

--poisoninjest, attempting to control her "Shakespeare in Love" screencapping addiction
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on moving

I like packing, as I've said before, but I pretty much hate every other part of moving, and generally spend it in a nerve-frayed state, waiting for Something To Go Wrong. Actually, "I hate moving" isn't descriptive enough. I feel it lacks resonance. How about "Moving gives me the feeling that my chest cavity has been filled up with a number of small furry animals, all of them milling about and climbing on top of each other with their tiny little sharp claws, and--this is the key bit--all screaming in unison."

Much better. But I do hate moving, too.

-- ursulav
Beast facepalm

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"In the past five minutes, my fridge tried to fall on me, my toaster oven SET ITSELF AFLAME, and my kitchen sink stopped working.

Obviously, my flat is viciously unhappy that I've been gone for three days and then came home smelling like some tramp of a house.

Mustn't sleep. Clock alarm will eat me."

Taken from copperbadge in this post.
(Read the comments as well ^_^)

This is my first post here, by the way- hi!
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sunday in the sunset leaves

two for the price of one!

So, now I'm watching Bush, and I'm having a stroke. A stroke of genius, that is-- State of the Union: The Musical! Just contract Stephen Sondheim ("It's Stephen Sondheim!")and the guy who played Rip in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's all buttah from there on out.


I hereby do solemnly vow to never have children, just in case.
--oddsocks, after mourning her lack of success with plants.
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This made me giggle, I know the feeling.

Yesterday was fun, though. I had a tea party on Flinder's Street station - inside the terminal - with two friends of mine. We sat in the middle of the floor on a rug and drank tea and ate scones with jam and cream. If you're a Melbournian and you were at Flinder's Street yesterday afternoon, I was the girl in the hat :)

Surprisingly, we weren't asked to move on, although the WWF (World Wildlife Fund, not World Wresting Federation *S*) fundraising people kept circling us like a pack of hungry wolves, eyeing our wallets. We fought them off with a jammy butter knife.


EDIT: I must be exsesivly brain dead. Sorry.
one - original (doctor who)

Because I loved this one so much.

For the Harry Potter fans in the hizzouse.

"War on terror, blah blah blah, honor, blah blah blah, war on terror, winning, vigilance...OMFGWTFBBQ!!! THEY'REOUTTHEREOMGWEHAVETOHAVE CONSTANT VIGILANCE! Yeah, settle down there Moody."

- tviokh, on Shrub's State of the Union address.
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