January 18th, 2004

baby's black balloon makes her fly

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I've decided something. Newbies - really, really new ones with no capitals and 50000 exclamation marks who ship Harry/Ginny, are cute, in a naughty puppydog kind of way. It's only three months later when they're still sucking horribly that they need to be shot.
-the ever-eloquent stiletto
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how do they rise

FFX-2 Quote, no spoilers.

As I was telling kishou the other day, I think Yuna's crazy-psychotic now. Scary crazy, I mean, not harmless Kotori crazy. More like: ":D Hi how are you I'M GONNA FUCKING STAB YOU teehee WHO IS LENNE I like dancing RIP OUT YOUR EYEBALLS oh my goodness FEED YOU TO THE FIENDS it's another rare dressphere KILL EVERYONE YOU'VE EVER LOVED!!!!!! ....................:D!"
Gippal needs a skateboard. And his MTV.

-shoiryu, from here

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In customers_suck , found this gem:

 hopskotch : Closing the side concession stand last night, there's a group of women conversating about 20 feet away. I hear one of them randomly shout "You do not grab your brother's penis!"

With this as the first comment:

conuly : ...and? Would you rather she'd kept her mouth shut and let the incest continue?

Still... *shudders* Glad I wasn't there.

Post can be found here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/customers_suck/4412508.html?view=35314780#t35314780

random hornblower art...

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I have suddenly realised that 'kinslaying' is the Middle-earth equivalent of 'fuck'. You can use it as a noun, a verb, an adjective, an insult, a blatant pity play if you're Teleri, and in a host of other useful situations.

This is a foul-mouthed public service announcement brought to you the Jen Is Bored And Has No Chocolate foundation.

- jenlittlebottom
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so cute and yummy

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I look at my watch, to see how long I'll have to wait in the bitter, bitter cold of death.

The time says 7:41.


So I wait and wait and wait and randomly wish a Tauntaun would wander by so I could slit its belly open and crawl into its warm body cavity whilst I wait. A futile wish; I left my lightsaber at home, anyway. Meanwhile, my feet are hardening into cold, dead lumps of flesh attached to the ends of my legs. Even my Hello Kitty shoelaces look miserable and a tad blue. Passers-by in cars spare me sad glances, as if I'm the poor little match girl, only that bitch had a leg up on me, she had fire. What do I have? Neon pink shoelaces which, upon reflection, really shouldn't have been my first "winter boot" accessory. No, my first accessory should've been... winter boots.


And now I'm here, reporting the story to you, just the way it happened!

...Okay, I'm lying. I left out the part about the troop of snow-monkeys flinging poo from the roof of the gas station across the street.

But everything else is true.

-thewriter0, in this hilarious entry.
sunday in the sunset leaves


I don't think it's quite a simile though. Perhaps it's one of those things that wants to be a simile when it grows up. Maybe have some kids. Go into law. Or. Y'know. Not.
--la_ridicule, in a comment-chat on schiarire's LJ
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