January 17th, 2004

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penm: Various Letters

Dear Johnny Depp,

Pls marry me kthxbai.

Ever yours,


Dear George Bush,

Please. Just die. Like, now.

Yours truly,


Dear theblacklist,

God bless you and all who sail in you.




Dear sushi,

I love you, but you just don't match up to slash fanfiction. I'm sorry.


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*recorded message plays*



Hello, everyone.

If you are listening(*) to this, it means that my friendslist has achieved Artificial Intelligence earlier than expected, and it has subsequently eaten me alive (of course, I am hoping I will not be conscious at the time).

To naewinter, I bequeath my DVD collection, my sketchbooks to hide from mum, and the cat. Think of me whenever she attacks your head in the middle of the night.

labryinth, as a dear friend I entrust to you my pitchfork and stash of 'little lucifer' firelighters. Use them well.

To my friends; HEED my WARN- AHH! HELP! IT'S GOT ME! EEYAGH!!



(* oh, you know what I mean. coherence accuracy isn't as amusing as some would have you believe. :p)

_audrey From a locked post. Didn't ask. She'll forgive me.

PS: This icon is from her art too.
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wal_lace commenting on a post by the mighty apocalypsos involving an X-Men/Queer Eye crossover:

This is Logan. Logan wears a lot of denim and plaid, never shaves, and is fighting off the girls with two great big sticks and a team of helpers.

This is Scott. Scott is pretty, and clever, and smartly dressed, and he can barely even keep his girlfriend. I think it's time for a makeover.
incognito eye

Wonder if it works that way all the time?

songstressmagz commentating a basketball game from the stands:

Me: Okay, I know you're pretty and all, but do you think you could like, play some basketball, like you're known for?
Cute Boy: *takes a fast break down the center lane and makes the pass*
Me: There you go. That's why you were player of the year last year. Maybe I should insult some of the other players. Hey Cankle Boy!
SPN impala highway 2 nowhere


From the ever-amusing sindel77=
So...I was out earlier and dropped by to see my mum before I left again, instead of me going anywhere else I decide to stay....me and her decide to watch POTC.... and I was of course gushing over Orlando. No big surprise there. Know what she said?? "You'd think he was cute if he was on the pot taking a crap. 'Ohhh look at the little poo poo!! Poo poo!!' You know you would!"

*insert shocked look on my face* Then I'm like....probably, yeah. *lmfao*
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POTC - Captain Jack - Pirate

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School is bad for you:

Have been stalking the sixth form common room muttering, "Hello. My name is Laura Morris. You stole my mug and left it for a month as host to an interesting variety of bacterial cultures. Prepare to die." under my breath and cleaning random objects as stress relieval technique. I believe the technical term is "should get out more".

--jacinthsong, who I believe needs to get out more, especially as she writes the best drunk posts I've ever seen.

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the longest word in the Lithuanian language is "nebepasikiskiakopusteliaujanciuosiuose." It means, "in those, of masculine gender, who aren't gathering wood sorrel by themselves anymore."
It would be so nice if the English language had a word that meant that as well. It is so tedious to always be saying, "in those, of masculine gender, who aren't gathering wood sorrel by themselves anymore." It would be so much easier if I, like the Lithuanians, could just say, "nebepasikiskiakopusteliaujanciuosiuose."
(and just so you know - the lj spell check wants me to say "knee pads" instead of "nebepasikiskiakopusteliaujanciuosiuose.")

- suziannabean
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From cesperanza's journal:

2) In the spirit of 'just having returned from Rome', Curtis and I rented Gladiator (or as Curtis kept calling it, "Radiator") last night, which neither of us had seen before. And really, it's kind of Gypsy with violence, isn't it? This is what boys watch instead of musical theatre, I think. Oliver Reed was kind of a Mama Rose figure, and I kept doing a falsetto of Russell saying, "I'm pretty, Mama!" as he discovered, while doing theatre in the provinces, that he was a star!! Seriously, this was a Judy Garland vehicle if I ever saw one; it should have been Russell saying, somewhat tearily, "This. Is Mrs. Norman Maine," and then dropping dead in the Colosseum. "There's No Business Like Show Business...like no business I knowwwwwww...." (/Ethel Merman)
banana - RS.org

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In regards to your argument:

I can balance a deoderant can on my head for over a minute. And then it fell off my head. And my little brother laughed. And I could of cried, but I laughed instead.

That is a huge anology, so, yes.


--muffytaj, here
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Based on the way he explains every single detail of the film as it's happening and dissects obvious jokes, C and I have decided that what we need is a tv show entitled "Orlando Bloom Explains..." with a new topic every time. Many many possibilities, including "Orlando Bloom Explains...What Death is Like", "Orlando Bloom Explains... Continutity", "Orlando Bloom Explains... Quantum Physics", "Orlando Bloom Explains... the Cuban Missile Crisis" and "Orlando Bloom Explains... Viggo and his Manly Good Looks".

--smartlikejustin, after watching the Fellowship of the Ring commentary.