January 16th, 2004

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ereshkigal: Just face it, rann, everything's your fault now. XD

rann: Apparently. *sighs* Well, if it's my fault, I'd better get to work fixing it. *pushes up sleeves* Better tackle that whole "racial tension" thing first...
Okay, first thing to do, knock out Chris Rock and lock him in a closet.
*clonk, shuff shuff shuff*
Next step, kill the KKK.
(AK-47, for when you absolutely, positively have to kill every motherfucker in the room.)
Next step, peace in the middle east...
... Aw, fuck...
This may take awhile. I'mma need a large pizza, some hot pockets, and a steady supply of dnL, stat.

elfy: I can supply ya the pizza - any requests for topping?

rann: Pepperoni. Italian sausage. Naked women.

elfy: Can do the pepperoni and naked women. For the Italian sausage? you're on your own there...

rann: Ah well. I'll get by, somehow...
[ calico cat ]

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Fandoms are different highschools. And you can be really POPULAR in St. LotR's Highschool, for example, and be known only as a girl who gives really good head in St. HP's Highschool; whereas all the popular kids in St. HP's Highschool are known as HUGE DRUGGIES in St. LotR's Highschool, but they're not popular, just notorious.


--ladyjaida, on fandom

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Olivia Goldsmith died. She wrote "The First Wives Club" and a number of other novels about the rich and pretty. The darmatic irony? She was killed at the age of 54 by botched plastic surgery. My sympathies to the family. This is roughly the equivlent of Carl Hiaasen meeting his doom at the hands of an amourus dolphin.

springtime the pony

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Dear Body in which I reside,

While I appreciate the fact that you seem to have a built in weather sensor that an tell me when 'stormy skies' and/or 'cloudy weather' are moving in several days before they actually do so, and while I appreciate the fact that the 'predictions' are always accurate, I would appreciate it even more if it didn't involve a dull pain in my knees.
Couldn't I just get jittery like cows do before a storm or something?


Thank you,
Sentient Resident
dancing indigo

Mars Needs ...no, wait...

from ldy who quoted mactavish, who has quoted the news stories wherein they indicate it is warmer on Mars right now than on some places on the planet Earth.

A friend writes, "On January 10, during the day, the coldest temperature that Spirit found on Mars was -15 Celsius. That's 5 F. It's actually colder here than it is on Mars."


I think the cold has driven my poor weatherpixie quite mad :(

[picture of Weatherpixie in cute little Halloween themed dress with open cardigan]

Pixie? Pixie? Please come inside or put on a coat or something.
Don't die from exposure, Pixie!

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My brother is watching All That on Nickelodeon. I can't believe I ever liked this show. It doesn't even come close to resembling funny. Ever. This kid is singing and he sounds like a prepubescent Kurt Cobain, if Kurt Cobain sucked.
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sunday in the sunset leaves


Haru says "Dude, you know what I just realized?"
Haru says "Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' is a warning as to what happens when a Mary Sue and a Marty Stu hook up."
Amber dies.
Sirea says "So /that's/ why he wrote it..."
Unni says "YES! The two of them trying to out-angst each other. Bad, bad idea..."
Haru | Mercutio: "FRIENDS DON'T BECOME MARTY STUS, ROMEO!" || Romeo: "Aren't you supposed to die for my angst soon?"

--harukami and friends
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In a comment regarding ladyjaida's polyamorous fandom activities:

"I was remembering the Great Fandom Famine of '96, when hundreds were forced to slash Encyclopedia Brown and Bugs Meany when our Strategic Extreme Hotness reserves ran low. May we never again know such dark times."

- juniper200