January 12th, 2004

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"I believe the Canucks of Vancouver are the superior warriors."
--Teal'C, "The Other Guys", SG-1 in the episode I'm watching when Richard Dean Anderson's Jack O'Neil made for small talk and asked Teal'C who he picked in the the Cup :)


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From a locked entry by kokochan, quoted with permission.

"Succulent strawberries and big ripe bananas throw a lively party, mingling nicely with snappy apples and gorgeous oranges. A perfect combo of the sweet, the smooth and the rich. An upbeat blend to brighten your life. Hey, tastebuds ... party on!"

I am not going to read the side of my drinks anymore.

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A comment by maealoeki in this thread:

I've been really into men's pants lately.

Whoa. I can't believe that:
1. I typed that.
2. I'm not going to edit it.
and 3. It's true... but not like that!! ;)

I mean that I've been digging the textures and colours of men's pants lately. Usually my husband wears jeans and such, but I bought him some cords and an interesting pair of velvet trousers for the holidays and after seeing them on him, I've been oogling other mens pants non stop for interesting things.

Heh... i can't believe what lack of sleep does to me.

The whole point of this post is to say I love Dom's pants in the second pic, and even Sean and Elijah's jeans in the first.

Hi, My name is Maeve and I'm into men's pants.
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i used to want to explore my sexuality but i dont anymore. why do people say "explore my sexuality"? like it requires a humvee. explore it y'all! cuz i too think of my sexuality as a rainforest. its dark up in there. and there is bugs and monkeys and disease. and strange people running around naked with bones in they hair and gold plated lips. better not go into my sexuality without an experienced guide. not without spelunking tools. and a canary.

but behold the wonder of me becuz i am a vital part of the ecosystem. if you try to cut me down i will unleash a pestilence upon the land. my sexuality. yeah. and still i rise.

- kiakaha

i hate jesus freaks. i bet even jesus hates jesus freaks. i bet jesus looks upon jesus freaks like obsessed fans he has to watch out for. i bet jesus wants to hire a few bodyguards. jesus wants more bouncers at church. somebody carding at the church door. we've got to weed out these crazy muhfuhs. im sorry but if you hear the lord telling you to shoot up a women's clinic, you aren't getting in.

- also from kiakaha in another entry
fake it till you make it

what, we're just discounting the butler right off these days?

So I'm reading P.D. James, a few dozen pages into the book, and they're trying to decide whether the victim maybe committed suicide, asking people whether he'd seemed depressed and discussing whether it would have been in his character, and apparently I'm the only one who thinks it might be somewhat unlikely simply based on the fact that he drowned in a big pile of wet sand. Maybe I'm not quite in the loop on the hip ways to off oneself these days, but poking a hill of sand in hopes of making it collapse on me so that I'll suffocate isn't really one of the top 5 options on my list. I mean, this guy had money - he could have afforded to buy a gun, or drugs. At the very least a razorblade. And he had a Porsche! A Porsche just waiting to be driven off the road and into a pole. But, no. He goes for the beach - do you think he was maybe sad because his father didn't approve of his career plans?

(Of course it'll turn out that it was a suicide, now. And then P.D. James will mock me cruelly from the pages of the book.)

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sharpest_rose, brave soul that she is, sat through the Ralph Bakshi animated Lord of the Rings and took some screencaps. She posted them here.

Her commentary is awesome, assuming you can stomach the horror of the caps themselves, but the three pages of comments makes the whole thing worth it. You have to see it for yourself.
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