January 9th, 2004


LOTR analysis, brought to you by NyQuil.

singeaddams on multiple cold medications:

DP #2 - Boundary Issues in the White City. In a classic example of transference, Denethor attempted to negate his feelings of inadequacy (caused by his inability to save either his wife or his city from wasting away under the Shadow of the East and the fact that a Steward is NOT a King) by projecting the negative aspects of himself onto his son, Faramir, where they could be easily faced and punished. Torturing Faramir as worthless (a scapegoat, if you will) somehow alleviated Denethor's own staggering sense of guilt and helplessness.

Also suffering was Boromir who was denied his basic, fallible humanity by representing all of Denethor's nobler aspects and virtues. That he did not become a completely amoral bastard due to Denethor's idolization beyond all reason is a major point in Boromir's favor.

One could say that the Steward did not see either son as individual beings at all but rather the two halves of the whole that was Denethor. Since he perceived them as only extensions of himself both, especially Faramir, were expendable.

In conclusion, Denethor was an asshole.
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Quote of the fucking century as Cody and I nearly get lost on the way to Durango:
Cody: Oh, God. Um. Which way should I go?
Me: I don't know... Boys are good at directions. Just follow your penis.
Cody: But I'm gay! My penis is backwards!

- bellsforme, quoted with permission
Hairspray is b_^_^_d
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It's been a month, two at most, since I've checked my oldest email account, which is so spam-laden I'm afraid to look most of the time. So last night I fired up Eudora just before I went to bed, but I peeked to see how many messages it was downloading:

Over 7000.

That, folks, is a whole lot of penis enhancement.

Subject line of weightloss email: PANTS DON'T FIT?

Me: No! Because my penis is too huge!!!!!!

-- nwhepcat, here

From hayzelbite

imagine a really bony cat sitting on a desk, facing a chair.

now imagine that cat in mid-air, paws outstretched, flying towards the top of the chair.

now imagine that cat missing terribly and crashing head-first into the back of the chair.

i'm really surprised she's lived this long.
Martin J Heade
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fairestcat wanted a cat. Unfortunately, her roommate has a dog. A very odd dog. As you may guess when the punchline of a two day pet saga is And so, there we were, two topless women chasing wet pussy around Scott's apartment.

Full story here.
I have come for your Yakult!, Chibi!

Ahh, siblings...

Tonight, my sister accidentally said 'carnivorous' trees instead of 'coniferous' ones.

This goes on my list of Clara-isms, along with our 'obtuse' fat cat and the 'appendages' to the LotR special edition.

From the ever-interesting ironychan
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More from discworld_rpg on the subject of random crossovers:

Discworld and LOTR would be fun to write if you really wanted to mess up the worlds. Vetinari gets the Ring and manages to actually do something good with it, Granny Weatherwax could beat up Gollum, Vimes arrests the hobbits for being drunk, the Auditors have to deal with the Ringwraiths...or, on the other hand, elves from Discworld take over Rivendell. Heh.
--kleenexwoman (Personally, I don't see much room for Discworld/LotR unless it's something like this.)

I totally want there to be a battle in the library in book six and all of a sudden, with NO explanation, an orang-otan knuckles through...
--the_patrician, funnily enough. (This referring to book six of Harry Potter.)
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e.e. cummings

pfy, in response to this, says:

Why is it that when one of these armpit-scratching australopithecines is challenged on its pitiful grasp of any language not involving grunting, it always tries to use E. E. Cummings as a justification for its lack of education? Did Cummings stalk them throughout their childhoods, emerging from the shadows to thrash them with a birch cane whenever they spoke grammatically correct sentences? Did he murder each and every one of their English teachers?

I would wager that not one of these evolutionary throwbacks, in their brief moments of leisure time between copulating with their siblings and hunting roaches for supper, has ever read a single line of Cummings' work. Not one of them would have the mental capacity to understand the irony and pretentiousness in comparing themselves to such an accomplished author. Neither would they realise that, unlike themselves, Cummings communicated expressively and intelligently.

Maybe when your poster has written several acclaimed books, insteading of just reading them while moving her lips, I will respect her preference for writing like an ignoramus.