January 7th, 2004

springtime the pony

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Lame, yes, but I giggled. Anonymous commenters, over on hpbnfdm_lives:

Anonymous1: Hey! You're a different Anonymous than me!
Anonymous2: No I'm not. We're just schizophrenic.
Anonymous3: You (both) rock. From Yet Another Anonymous
Anonymous4: Is this the Anonymouses Anonymous meeting?

And, totally unrelated, dreamiflame, commenting on something _redpanda_ said:

Must remember to pack lots and lots of marshmallows when I die.
I love the world (xkcd)

The joys of the Staten Island Ferry...

city_of_dis tells us all about how much fun one can have on the Staten Island Ferry.

A sample:

During your half-hour voyage on this tiny Titanic, you will inevitably encounter the following individuals:

1) An insane preacher. Generally, he will be wearing clothing from 2-3 decades preceding modern times. The current fad amongst Ferry Preachers is bright yellow suits with brown ties. Expect him to be nonsensical, repetitive and loud. Oh, so very loud. In most cases, he will pace up and down the aisles of the boat, bellowing such elucidation as "And-a the Lord-a will breathe-a fire down upon them-a!"

Go. Read. Laugh.

b&w me

really bad LotR TV crossovers

Courtesy of rohandove and there's more where this came from.

Saruman: What are we going to tonight, Sauron?
Sauron: Same thing we do everynight, Saruman. Try to take over the world!
Saruman: Narf!

They're Saruman and The Brain
Yes, Saruman and The Brain
One is a wizard!
The other's insane.
They're evil on pyre
The eye is a'fire!
They're Saruman
They're Saruman and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain

* * *

The Rangers of Hazzard

Bo & Far Duke.

Riding by on a horse painted red, with a big 01 on the side.

Not going any further, but wouldn't you love to hear Boromir yell out yeeeeee haw! while jumping over a hill?

::wicked grin::
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loud fayoumis

Big cat. Little bathroom.

The entire saga of woe involving Goten the cat, the bathroom, and the ever-quotable Darqstar.

Some highlights:
But, when a cat chases his tail, it's another matter. Then the force of them whirling around and around and around, makes their molicules unstable and they cannot stay in the "secret holding area for cat body mass" and it all comes back. Sometimes, they whip up such a vortex that I even suspect they call in the body mass of other cats.