January 3rd, 2004


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renoir_girl, here, on the number of times people have seen ROTK:

Three, and I've decided I need to wait before going back. It puts me into such a state, like I'm actually high or something, and I can't think about anything else. I haven't gotten any work done for three weeks.

::holds up egg:: This is your brain

::holds up frying pan:: This is The Return of the King

This is how I've felt for the past 17 days...
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swallowtayle, who shares a significant amount of genetic material with me, made some resolutions.
I had decided not to resolve anything for the new year (I have a habit of spastically resolving things already), but was talked into it at the last minute by a good friend. At this point, I was already drunk... I highly recommend the process of drunken resolutions. My first one was "Rrrrrrrr... Pirates!"

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Dear uterus:

We are contacting you in regards to your blatant abuse of your nervous system priveleges.

As a member of the Nishy's Body Alliance, you are given connection to the nervous system. This system is only to be used when signalling for aid; for example, fingers frequently utilise it when requesting bandages or burn remedies.

We dispatched the appropriate drugs earlier in response to your distress call, which you ignored. Please find enclosed one more tablet; if you continue to abuse the system after receiving this response, you risk removal with the nearest sharp object.

Right Hand
Vice President and Head of Resource Management
Nishy's Body Alliance

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"Yeah," I said. "I mean, you and Achan are such good friends now but if she ever discovers that *your* friends -- with your wilful encouragement, I might add -- wrote an extremely fucked-up *koffkoff* commentary (entitled: The Psychedelic Psychic And The Higad Queen and Boyzone!!! And Guys On Mechanical Horses Yaoi!!!) on one of her fics just because they wanted the sex first..."

"=____=" said Krimi.

"But thank god that's never gonna happen anyway," I said hurriedly. "Because, come on, how is she going to find out???? You gonna tell her or something?"


To quote another much-abused aphorism: Famous Last Words.

-- to find out the rest of the story, go here.
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I had a nap earlier and dreamt of talking to Alan Rickman on a pink phone and he was dressed up like Henry VIII. Which is odd considering that I'm watching Elizabeth right now. Cate Blanchett too beautiful. Will go scratch face off shortly.

-- ewacat
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Tolkien-Sue snarkiness

Joined specifically to post these, because they amused me.

In, deleterius, meepalicious posts a whopper of a Sue, and mentions today would have been Tolkien's eleventy-second birthday.

From the comments:

hathy_col: *raises pint class to Tolkien* Dude, all of us with an IQ above double figures still respect you. And we know that you'll be waiting in the afterlife with a baseball bat inscribed with 'Mary-Sue'...

gehayi: I can just see a Louisville-Slugger-wielding Tolkien in the Undying Lands, flanked by Feanor on one side and Turin on the other.

Elrond and Luthien would be standing slightly to the fore as their eyes searched the horizon for Sues. Gimli and Sam would be slightly to the back, indignant and homicidal fury all over their honest faces.

And huddled on the shore, guarded by all the Valar, would be Morgoth, who would be cowering as Manwe said, "Understand, Melkor. We defeated thy evil and crushed thy servants and now it is time to annihilate these miserable, soulless pawns of thine that have so long polluted each and every universe--the obscenities known as Sues."

And I can see Tolkien (and all of his creations) smile...
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