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There's been a lot of stuff going around about how Bush might have stolen the election. I figure there was some foul play, but not enough that it would have affected the election. Because if he did steal the election, this means that we were outsmarted by BUSH.



An Open Letter to the Shitty Side of Fandom
Dear HP Fanfiction World,

Please come up with something interesting and at least semi-original within the next five minutes that I haven't a) read already b) already ruled out due to 1) obscene triteness 2) poor writing 3) lack of fluent english 4) a really shitty title.

All I'm asking is for some decent fanfiction. What the hell is wrong with you? Did you suddenly lose all capacity for creativity and adventure after OotP? Is it too much to ask that you treat people like the characters they've become and not like badly written soap opera heroes/heroines/bad guys/whores? Get with the program, HP! Snap the fuck out of it! I like my Ginny spicy, my Harry angsty but still with a dick, Hermione a book-loving and often-tactless smartiepants, my Ron typical, my Draco whiny, and my Snape with some goddamn underused balls, man! Christ's brick, read canon, write me something good, and get back to me!

I have spent the entire day in the bathroom for one reason or another. Flu= not super. You owe this to me, HP.Come on, Fanfiction. Don't suck.


Megan Cauley

PS- Dear Flist, this does not apply to you. I've already read your crap. It's quite good. Carry on. *snuggles*- Zu


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