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Draco-mance anyone?

The Mary-Sue Aurors' Feild Guide
Chapter Seven: How To Find A Draco-Sue

You will have to make your way to The Pit of Voles. Your journey will take three minutes to three days, depending on your connection.

Then, travel towards the 'Book' section, careful to avoid craggy rocks, alligators, and annoying - though harmless - pop-up window ads.
When you have safely set up base camp in the area, make your way on foot towards the 'Harry Potter' section, where you'll find this species of Sue in abundance.

You will find little, blue 'SORT' boxes, left there by the fandom natives.
Select, 'Romance' where it says, 'Genre', and 'Draco M.' where it says, 'Character', and you will probably get these results."

-As spoken by clannoire in deleterius (link here)
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