December 31st, 2003

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"If I was adding noxious chemicals to food for fun, I'd be shitting myself with misanthropic joy, but because I'm getting paid for it, I don't enjoy it at all."
"I'm skiving off work tomorrow, and I don't want you all to think that I'm a fey, work shy wastrel, with nothing better to do than spend eight hours preening before heading out for new years eve.
I am, of course, but I want you all to think that I'm deep and profound, and refuse to take part in the mass poisoning of the nation." - meetpaulblack

"I'm not sure I want to see a film where the characters sing in French for the whole film, but the lead guy in it looks really, really hot. "
"Well, OK, Mary Poppins is quite good, but it's not better than Singin' In The Rain. It doesn't have a song about Moses supposing his toeses are roses, does it?"
"The greatest musical of all time should not contain the lyric, "Shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yippidy boom de boom." And that is my final word on the subject." - wheeler
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limyaael, in yet another of her wonderful rants on fantasy cliches here

Is every piece of trash they produce indistinguishable from the material of their buildings? Do they have invisible servants that do the laundry and empty the chamberpots, or are they perhaps too constipated to need chamberpots? (This last seems to be a common problem of fantasy elves).

And I might as well link this one while I'm at it.

No royal heirs raised as peasants. This is the plotline I hate most in all the world. It should be tied out in the desert, covered with honey, and left for ants to find.


"Waaah! I am adopted! Waaah! I am deprived of my heritage! Waaah! How evil the usurper is..."

And then Limyaael smothers the whiny royal heir with a blanket.
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[On coming home from a trip]

And you don't know where your toothbrush is, and nobody will tell you, and the minute you get a new toothbrush your old one is sure to resurface, and then everybody gives you reproachful "thou waster of toothbrushes" looks, and you wish you had never got off the plane at all.


On a common New Year's resolution

"As for me, though -- in 2004, I'm going to resolve only to be sweet to my little dumpling-shaped body.

I'm going to ply it with pleasures -- cheesecake and yoga and fresh-squeezed orange juice with a mint leaf and long walks in the park. I'm going to drape it with things that feel good and slather it with things that smell nice. I'm going to take it out dancing every now and then and show it off.

I'm not going to deprive it of things it needs. I'm not going to fan my own contempt of it. I'm not going to try to change it.

I am, in fact, going to treat it as though it were the body of someone I loved."

--resonant8, in this post.
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