December 30th, 2003

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From my sister's lj, paleinsuspense. To explain, I do in fact involve myself in the doll customizing/collecting hobby.

My sister made over two of her Ken dolls to look like David Bowie and Lou Reed. Her "Draco Malfoy" and "Professor Snape" action figures are glaring at them from behind a stack of CDs.

Lou Reed wears black lipstick, black nail polish, and a black studded strap around his wrist. The poor guy has to play a left-handed Mattel-brand guitar, with four strings and six tuning pegs.

David Bowie has pink hair, shimmery blue eye shadow, gold lipstick, red nail polish, and a floaty purple scarf. He's prancing around on top of the computer in a wife-beater and a pair of black stretch bell-bottoms.

While I was typing this, Lou Reed fell off the monitor and landed on his face.
whole new level of gay - dstar

Orli picture out of context:

secretbutterfly: Announcement:
the image of a stoned legolas headbanging is fucking funny
That is all.

papershroud: Get it out of my head!!!

secretbutterfly: ::evil laughter::
Okay then it's stoned Eomer headbanging. HEE!
OR Leggy headbanging to Guns and Roses...lmfao.
Take me down to the edoras city where the grass is brown and the girls are eowyn...
i should be shot.

First post here, btw! Nice to see some familliar faces...
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springtime the pony

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So tired. Must...keep...going! like...Kirk! too much! Must ... not... sleep! Sleep is! ...for the weak! Coffee! Coffee is of the....strong!

And man... Gaav is not at one with the Nair.

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springtime the pony

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Still having problems with my internet service so mum and I spent last night playing LotR Trivial Pursuit on my bedroom carpet.

Mum: Which member of the fellowship was left behind at the entrance to the Mines of Moria?
Koy: Um. Gandosamerippingornomirgolasimli?
Mum: ... No.
Koy: Angst.
Mum: Bill the Pony.
Koy: !!!


Koy: What did Merry and Pippin throw into the lake outside the entrance to the Mines of Moria?
Mom: Rocks. Wait, no. Bill the Pony?


Koy: Who is Theoden's niece?
Mum: Bill the Pony?

After that point it was becoming increasingly hard to concentrate, so we made pudding popsicle instead
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deep thoughts on cons

silviakundera on cons she'd like to see, in this post:

There should be a "The Glory of Brian And Justin's Tru Luv 4EVA" Con. or a "The Five Dawson Creek Slashers In The Whole World Sit Down And Drink Coffee" Con. or a "Slashers Who Like Buffy/Spike, Damn It, And Still Retain Crafty, Crafty Use Of Their Souls" Con. or a "Mal/Zoe Fans Unite!, Which Is Actually Silvia Kundera In Small Rented Room, Grooving On With A Karaoke Machine And Her Bad Self" Con.

Oooooh, yeah. I'd be there.
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Glamour Model

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11. What was the best thing you bought?
My soul back. There was this crazy guy on the street, see, who claimed that he was Satan, and that he could get me Keira Knightley's phone number if I'd just sell him my one shot at eternal happiness beyond the Pearly Gates. As I'm an atheist, it seemed a fair trade, until Jennifer Lopez picked up on the other end of the phone. At that point, I decided there was nothing for it but to track the would-be Lucifer down and whack 'em in the labonzas until he returned my immortal soul.
--eventhewaves, answering an end-of-year quiz
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From aleathiel:

I was in Borders yesterday and I saw a display of POTC. Two pre-teen boys were standing in front of it.

"That's Orlando Bloom," one announced to his friend. "Sir Ian McKellen fancies him."
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