December 29th, 2003

booky by isis grey

Neil again, naturally.

from Neil Gaiman's wonderful blog, official_gaiman :

What did we do for endless and disheartening time-sinks before computers? I never lost twenty hours trying to make a fridge work properly, or to make a chair I'd accidentally upgraded turn itself back into something you could sit on.

(also, I noticed that some of you are able to make a little satellite dish appear next to the name of a feed. how do you do that?)

(trying a second time here...)

From this site, by way of shieldkitten:

Tolkien was criticized for using a plural [i.e. dwarves not dwarfs] that was not in the Oxford English Dictionary, which then (as now) is usually considered the final authority on such matters, particularly among those who count "correctness" as a virtue.

Much injured at this criticism, Professor Tolkien's response, in true professorial manner, was essentially,

"I wrote the dictionary."

He was, in fact, one of the editors.
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From officialgaiman over here

Neil the lemur, if you're reading this on some Zoo Underground Internet connection, stop taking chunks out of the leg -- or any other bits -- of the nameless zoo correspondent. You're a vegetarian, dammit. Read the literature. This is a direct order from Neil High Command.
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I don't advise seeing the new Peter Pan movie unless you're on a bad acid trip, or if you're michael jackson and like watching 12 year olds in innocent sexual innuendos.

- anjie

I cannot shop anymore. The slightest hint of a queue sends me into spasms of panic. I put whatever I was going to buy down and leave as fast as my sweaty little feet will take me. Admittedly, this has saved me a considerable amount of money. But shopping used to be one of my favourite pastimes, close to sex and shoes and laying in bed doing absolutely nothing or perhaps idly fondling oneself before deciding to ave a cup of tea. This discovey of my inability to actually purchase an item is, in devastation terms, not too far away from, say, having my vagina sewn up.

- exsilvique

The devil never looked so good...

For those of you not familiar with wrestling, Vince McMahon is the owner of WWE. For those of you not familiar with Orlando do you get the internet in a cave?

Still think Orlando Bloom is the anti-Christ. But it's good to know that the big A-C is good looking and not Vince McMahon like I once thought. Though...he would make a good henchman for Orlando.

Orlando: *booms in giant Anti-Christ voice* Vincent! Go forth and fetch me my hair care products! And make sure all my fangirls are in order!
Vince: *bows* Yesssss master

Naturally Vince would be plotting to take over but he's plans would be foiled and the Brain!

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