December 28th, 2003

Yay for literature and all, but...

I liked the part I thought was the end. Then came the next part I thought was the end (the coronation), which was my favorite part of the movie. Then there was another part I was sure was the end [...] And then there was a little more that really was the end. Definitely a long film.
-- vimeslady, on ROTK


After noting that a very large part of Jane's love for both Mr. Rochester and John St. John was the control they exerted over her, there was only one conclusion that could be made.

Jane Eyre really just wanted to be tied up.

-- setissma, on Jane Eyre.
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yet another lotr quote

valerie_z: You know how, way back when, The Village People were all mainstream, and no one seemed aware of all the gayness? (I actually wasn't alive when this happened, but I think that's what happened.) Is it just me, or is LoTR the same thing? I asked Mike if the books were as gay as the movie, and he said the books we even more gay.

I think this was a big joke by Tolkien. I think he wrote a hugely gay book, and then when no one realized it was gay, he was just sitting there snickering about it.
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officialbizness, from here
You know what's sad, though? I went to Borders today and found to my disbelief - and chagrin - that Orlando Bloom!Legolas was the cover of the Twin Towers paper back.

... --;

Two little five year olds asking each other who the official "Lawd of Those Rings" was made up for it. ("B-but it's the ELF GIRL! She's got all that jewelry!" "Who's that girl?" "She's, like, that one with the long b-blonde hair. She's that Leckolast person!" "Ooh, she's so pretty!")

(Love you, Biz. <3)

Funny, I think

Taken from the livejournal of badong (sorry, I suck at linkage):

If something gross a pet does is petsquick,

and something gross done by a kid is kidsquick,

is something gross done by a bisexual person...


::ducks and runs::