December 25th, 2003


the bucket fountain

I was talking to a kiwi friend about a ugly fountain in Wellington NZ recently. I'm sure quite a few fans know about the Hobbit story and this colourful landmark.

lordlucan: I think (Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan) should tour the world urinating in fountains in all the major cities.
lordlucan: Billy Connolly is coming to NZ!!!!!
danamaree: ooh coolness, that's impressive
lordlucan: He's making a "world tour of nz" film
danamaree: see, what happens when hobbits wee in your fountains

More here.

But That Would Be Wrong....

"I have a sudden urge to make an icon of Faramir with the text 'come on baby, light my fire'. But that would be Wrong and Immature and Stupid and a Mindless Desecration of Tolkien's Life's Work, and thus I shall not.

"Anyway, I can't find the screencaps of him covered in oil anywhere."

-- jacinthsong
Freaked, K: DW Nine & Rose

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Oh my evil consort, I have forgotten what email you are currently using, and you are not on AIM. Therefore, I am saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY here on LJ. You will get a present from tr1n and me. ;)

Yes, it's buttsex. How did you guess?

-- brouhaha
cain's ballroom

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apocalypsos is just such an amusing person, here:

Look, I think Justin Timberlake is a very, very pretty guy, but someone please tell him to stop trying to sing R&B, at least as long as he still insists on wearing trucker hats. Dude, make up your mind ... you either want to be Usher or that creepy skanky dumbass who's trying to knock Zagnuts out of the vending machines at the rest stops.
just breathe


At age 9, I cured cancer. Due to FDA regulations and various pending patents, I have been forbidden by counsel to speak of this until now. You'll all be hearing about this shortly.

I speak 447 languages including Elephant and Ficas tree. I also helped Isaac Mizrahi design his upcoming Spring 2004 collection, designed the new Chicago Lyric Opera House, ended world hunger and single-handedly ended America's recession. Yesterday.

I could go on but I don't want you all to be intimidated by me so I, humbly, will stop here.

alleynyc, here, whilst mocking these unbelieveable morons.
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Ahoy! Shiver me timbers and wind in your sails and swab the poop deck and, um, really bad eggs!

That's Pirate for "Have a Merry Christmas".... Well, that, or "Help, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up." I don't remember. Given that they have lots of peg legs and hooks and eye-patches, one would think that this second phrase is in far more common use than the first among pirates.

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