December 22nd, 2003


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Tonight my sister and I went out to dinner. She asked me what my boyfriend does.

"He works with his dad, doing contracting. Lately they've been working on Eric Idle's house."

She said....

(wait for it)


"Is that Billy Idol's son?"

you suck too

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anon poster: Now entering the rhelm of the batshit insane, if you will.

esorlehcar: Now entering? These people left batshit insane behind a very long time ago...

snacky: No kidding. Batshit Insane was a few stops back on the Crazy Turnpike. They're taking the exit for Foaming at the Mouth right about now.

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I'm so totally ashamed of wanting to stick my nose into a debate over there about Umberto Eco and whether Baudolino was as good as Foucault's Pendulum and Name of the Rose.

But then I realized I have a site that has free scans of hentai manga open in a different tab and that Liam Neeson is trying to talk Alex Law of Shallow Grave into dressing in drag for him over in TM and thought, fuck it.

-- telesilla
Wow Neat

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I just made a bunch of new Eowyn icons. Woof. If I ever meet Miranda Otto, I will probably ravish her. Or die of lust.

I'm about as straight as anybody. I'm just an Ottosexual.

Now, if I ever meet Hugo Weaving...there will be no "probably" about it. ;D

-- oliveoyl
springtime the pony

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From cat_o_ninetails' jounal:

Well, I'm up at three AM and talking gibberish with Laura. Much of it was to do with deciding that we would need involved mathematical equations using complex numbers to find out what circle of Hell we would end up in (and we would likely need to invent one). There was talk of Good Omens and God/Morningstar and if there really is a Christian afterlife we are so screwed.

icefalcon says: I need to make up a theme song to 'Hell, hell, I'm going to hell.'
icefalcon says: And a dance routine to go with it.
cat_o_ninetails says: With sequins.
icefalcon says: Yes. And muffins.
cat_o_ninetails says: Chocolate chip muffins.
icefalcon says: Yes.
icefalcon says: With little dancing pretty boys.
cat_o_ninetails says: AND A MUFFIN FAIRY!
icefalcon says: A SATANIC MUFFIN FAIRY!
cat_o_ninetails says: :O!
icefalcon says: It fits in with the overall DOOM theme.
Then I showed her the Muffin Queen icon.

spectacular, your icon has cracked icefalcon's sanity. I present her compliments.

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FH - abbey road

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eliade sez: Just now while I was getting aspirin and shaking my cramped arm out vigorously, my coworker asked in late-afternoon loon mode, "Your arm hurts? Are you having a heart attack?!" I said it was my right arm, not my left. He told me that left-arm pain is a myth. You get pain all over. Neck, arm, back-- "My back hurts too!" I cried anxiously. Then fell to the floor and died. The end.
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