December 21st, 2003

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Thursday, December 18, 2003

After watching "Return of the King" (more thoughts upon which I'll write up tomorrow) I was suddenly hit with a realization.

Sauron is alive and well and is the secret mastermind behind CBS television.

You doubt me? You think that's ridiculous? Ah, but consider:

The CBS symbol--A giant, unblinking eye, focused on the hearts and minds of America.

CBS Headquarters--a gigantic, ebony tower, oftentimes referred to as Black Rock.

The initials--CBS=Created By Sauron.

Both have major spokesmen with three syllable names ending with "man" (Saruman=Letterman)

Coincidence? I think not.


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Well, if Gaiman counts...;)

Truthfully, it's kind of like going into a Manhattan kitchen where there is as yet no gecko living under the fridge. You turn the lights on, and Things scurry away under the cupboards and into every crevice. You can try to stomp on all the ones you see. But they're fast, and clever at hiding. Then you turn the light off and go away, and out they come again and get back to doing what they were doing before you turned on the lights. They don't care that you pay the rent on the kitchen. They're there to party.

-Diane Duane on fanfic writers, as posted on her official blog and our very own fandom_wank. Do read the rest of her post before being righteously indignant ;)
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Hi my first post found here.

widemouthfrog: Last week's [newspaper] had [posters of] orcses and Legolas. The boys I live with stole about six copies, and after I commandeered a poster, they wallpapered our kitchen with orcses.
arwen_elvenfair: Why would they wallpaper the kitchen with orcses?
widemouthfrog: Because the walls were looking bland. And they didn't know what else to do with the orcses. And they were drunk.
drasticaction: Ahhh explains.

A naturel.

By scribblemoose after watching a nature documentary:

"There was one sequence with a lot of horny whales waving their 12 foot penises around which was, um, odd. I couldn't help wondering what it would be like if blokes did that when they swarmed around a hapless woman in a pub, instead of beseiging her with corny chat up lines and outrageous bragging. Or maybe that's what the whales were doing. Maybe that whale song is just a lot of whales going 'hey look! I've got an extra inch on this guy! Shag me! Phwoar, did you see the fins on that' etc."
digging for a winner

Mike talks about the audience reactions during ROTK. Spoilers in his comments, not here.

"...there were so many instances of incessant clapping and cheering during the movie, that we came to the conclusion that there would've been one if Gimli had smiled and emitted a well-timed fart." (gonzo_md)

I had to share this with this community as there are a lot of LOTR fans here and because it's beyond hilarious.
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Spent much of this afternoon playing with a small child and her nativity set. Present at the Virgin Birth, I learned, in addition to a mummy a daddy and a baby, were some cattle, three wise men (one of whom was, I was confidently informed, carrying chicken salad back from the shops), a one-eyed polystyrene snowman, and Cruella DeVille.

I had not known this previously.


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alexiel, a wellesley girl, on Mona Lisa Smile:

"Maggie Gyllenhaal needs to be my bestest friend. And, despite the horrible writing, it didn't make Wellesley look too made that bitchy finishing-school polish seem like more of a societal construct, rather than what Wellesley made the girls into. Does that even make sense? Obviously, I wanted all their clothes, and Julia Roberts is an ugly ho whose eyes are too big for her teeny little horseface."
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