December 19th, 2003

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For those who have taken the GRE -- or for that matter, the LSAT, the SAT, or any standardized test -- you can sympathize, I'm sure.

etoilepb: The analytical when I took it was basically logic problems, graded automatically like the other sections. Didn't they change it to a writing-based section?
believeitup: Yeah, one persuasive and one analytical essay. And they hit you with those first, ugh. But they weren't nearly as bad as the logic problems I'd been practicing on. I don't give a damn if Patty, Ryan, Selma, Thomas and Vicki can't all ride in the same car because Vicki thinks Ryan has cooties and Patty and Selma have to ride together because of their unacknowledged girlylove.

Stupid logic problems.

--From believeitup, in these comments.

Like you're surprised.

And my cookies came out pretty good. I do wish my mother had mentioned the fact that you end up with an enormous amount of maple frosting at the end, though. I'm pretty sure I had enough left over to completely cover and lick off of the entire cast of LOTR three times over. I did the math and everything. - apocalypsos

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It's almost as bad as the headline they had last week, which was something like, "There's a big secret in the Hilton house!" And all I could think was, "Ooo, let me guess. Paris was adopted, and The Simple Life was all a clever ruse to send her back to her biological family!" *snerk* Now, that, I'd watch.

- apocalypsos
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My Little Pony

On porn and research

"I mean, for God's sake, I can tell you it's one hell of a sight easier to research how anal sex works than what the legal implications, duties and obligations of the landowner's boyfriend in respect of a restoring a pre-1852 burial site on private land (probably but not definitely unconsecrated) which has been descrated by grave-robbing Dark magicians."

-- ajhalluk, from the comments to this entry.
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mixing business and pleasure

This is what happens when you don't log out of LJ on a family computer...

*wave* Hey! First-time poster here.

Hi, I'm Neil, definately not his sister Emmy, who is the coolest EVER.

Seriously. Her art is EXUISITE. Equizite. It's just awesome. I am going to buy her awesome things for Christmas, and you should too.

My friend Alora is awesome too!!! SERIOUSLY. And I truly am Neil, not Emmy and Alora who might have found me logged into

I like men!!!!

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- trapezzoid
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