December 18th, 2003

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You know what made me go "HAH!" in contempt today? I read the latest PBL newsletter, where they state that Channel Nine is 'committed' to bringing The OC to Sydney over summer.

Well guys, I gotta say, 3 weeks is no commitment. It makes you into a bit of a slut, actually.

--tboy about super quick cancelation of "O.C", which is a TV show.
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drawing in the sand

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From whiski_sour's entry (and no, there are no 'spoilers', you tossers)--

EDIT: I was gonna go back and post in depth my thought of the movie, but I've changed my mind for now. I will say I didn't cry (it's true, I have no heart). And, I'll leave you with this bit of conversation I had with my Papa before the movie started...

Papa: You know what would be good?
Me: What's that?
Papa: If at a critical climatic point the film just cut out and said..."If you want to know what happens, read the book."
Me: *dies a thousand deaths of laughter*
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ebil, pinako
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"Because, they'd have teen Angst!Edward, who's family DIDN'T UNDERSTAND HIM! And they'd also have poor Philip who's wife was Bitch!Mary who omg, liek DIDN'T UNDERSTAND HIM! They both bond while angsting, and find tru lurve,{insert plot hole}

So Philip and Edward would elope, and everyone would be happy and totally accept that. Except Bitch!Mary who would be totally homophobic because she's a bitch and would get burned at the stake by angry (but pro-gay rights) peasants."

--cuileann on the Tudor period as badfic, here
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Tea! Penguin! (doyle on JF), penguin say tea?

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Found in this wank on Journalfen (and yes, I know they have their own metaquotes, but I wanted to share this with everyone):

Some anti-slash wanker sez:

What scares me the most is HagridxHermione...its out there. Be very afraid.

The peanut gallery chimes in.

ingrid: "That's HET, you tuna-brained twit."
phosfate: "I'm not entirely sure she knows the difference."
kannaophelia: "I have these lovely books called Where Did I Come From? and What's Happening to Me? that might make it more clear for her."
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wingsister, on pottersues:

OK, having just re-read this - why, I'm not sure - I've come to the conclusion that Draco is the Dragon Princess. The parallels are beyond obvious.

EDIT: michmatch proceeds to reply with:

Why not, he ends up a flaming queen in half the fic out there, why not a fire-breathing princess.