December 17th, 2003

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One more for the road

Oh, ya... anecdote from last week:
The Nokia 2100 has that bit of space on the back right, for pics and stuff. So on mine, was the picture of Sheridan and Sinclair (cut it out from my B5 trading card set). Anyway, at the workshop...

"Who is that? Modern Talking?"
(another)"I thought so too! And then I noticed all that Star Trek-y stuff they're wearing."

Haloo, do they look like a middle-aged German Europop band? (Don't answer that. And don't anyone sing Cherry Cherry Lady or something of that sort)
-- serabut
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Hip Hop Til You Just Can't Stop

From a loked post of eibhinn's, posted with permission.

Dear Me,

No matter how much you feel like you're from the hood, no matter how much you're reliving your childhood in NYC, no matter how hard the particular rap you're listening to is, you are not old skool and street if you're rapping while wearing bright red mittens with snowflakes on them.

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Fromthe Lj of mice

I've been feeling like I'm missing something, lately. I had no idea what it was, but I could feel it deep down in my soul. And then, while working today, the answer came to me in a beautiful heavenly voice inside my head (where all beautiful heavenly voices reside) and said...


Read the rest of it here, it gets even better.
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One for the Trekkies

archers_porthos: *wags his tail* *bark* has someone seen my master? captain archer? i still haven't been fed!
t_pol: Assuming you are the same primitive quadraped, and that you are miraculously able to communicate in this forum (however unlikely).
I wish to request that you stop humping my leg.

[ I swear I'm in love with this community. Where else can you see Maglor cursing in the gutter and Blake's 7 cons griping in the same cell as the protagonist of 1984? ;) ]
Book of Mormon - spooky Mormon hell drea

Seen in mhari

There are as many reasons to like slash as there are slashers.

But lately I'm starting to think my reasons have a lot to do with being jaded by the entire Internet.

I've been reading forums and rubbernecking at flamewars and going no-mail on mailing lists and MOMMY MAKE THE STUPID PEOPLE DIE! Jesus and the cube root of Buddha. 99% of the population is apparently composed of a) brainless teenyboppers screaming about "ORLI" whose collective artistic and moral judgment is approximately nil ...

the rest here...