December 16th, 2003

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Damanique: *types and clicks quietly on the computer*
Computer: Booooooh!
Damanique: o_O
Computer: I'm going to start changing your profile settings into Start Menu shortcuts! And crash your firewall!! Grrr!
Damanique: *loads up Norton WinDoctor*
Norton WinDoctor: *scan scan scan*
Norton WinDoctor: I've found 1655 problems.
Damanique: @__________@
Norton WinDoctor: Would you like me to repair them?
Damanique: Well, IF you would be so kind, YES PLEASE.

- damanique
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Mom: They're cultured pearls, though.
Me: I know.
Mom: Not like the ones we used to get. They open the oyster and make a cut and put in a little...
Me: I know. I watched the same episode of Nova that you did. When will the clams stop screaming, Clarice?

-- annlarimer

So I started reading my Friends list, and ran into the Leaving For Trilogy Tuesday people and the Mad They Don't Have Tickets For Trilogy Tuesday people and the Waiting Frantically For Tomorrow people and the Not Seeing It For Two Weeks And Don't Care people and the Damn Why Do I Have To Live In A Country Without A December 17th Opening people and the Spoil Me people and the Spoil Me And You Die people and the Oh God It Can't Be Good Enough people and the Oh God It Will Be Too Much people and...I concluded that I need to take today off. Completely.

-- cruisedirector
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another from trollprincess

Bandaids for head/wall injury = $1.99
Nametags for the voices about to move back into my skull = $3
State-ordered psychiatric counseling = $45 three times a week, plus bus fare
Getting qnotku to stop pestering me by reminding me Jim Butcher is only five years older than me and has three book series in the works = Priceless.
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Sadly, I'm starting to feel the same way...

TQ's Dad: The reporter on CNN is talking!
ToonQueen: Yes, but is he saying anything?
TQ's Dad: >.> Look!
TQ's Dad: <.<
ToonQueen: Oh its just Saddam and his beard. Hardy Har har.
TQ's Dad: >.< Don't you ever vote.
ToonQueen: Okay. ^_^

This is why I don't have any poltical view points.
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delz on the capture of Saddam Hussein:

Couldn't they have made Saddam look less friendly and less like the victim when they captured him?. Who could blame that sad, weary, Middle Eastern Santa Clause displayed in those photos? Perhaps he was just PMSing when he killed all those people. Perhaps it was just that he had a rock in his shoe he couldn't remove. You leave Santa alone, you bastards!
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