December 14th, 2003

[Lee Pace] You have to get out of here.

aahhh confusion, my friend, my companion

If fed is the past tense of feed
then wed must be the past tense of weed

if geese is the plural of goose
then meese must be the plural of moose
likewise shoop must be the singular of sheep

if didn't is the contraction of did not
then willn't must be the contraction of will not

if spoken is the past tense of speak
then woken must be the past tense of weak

if you heat something til it's hot
can you beat something til it's bot?

From alasenr

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after my friend holly (pleadingthe5th) had the lovely experience of going to a cat show, she had some tips incase you ever want to groom, show, or sell your cat;

1. if you ever want to fluff your persian purebred, just toss her in the air like a pizza. it works miracles.
2. naked cats do not have lukemia...they are born that way.
3. don't touch the cats. no seriously. dont. touch. the. cat. every cat owner had a sign on their cats cages demanding that we not touch the cat. our two favorite signs are - 1. "your affection causes infection" and 2. "Owner psychotic, don't touch the damn cats!"
4. show cats aren't fed cat food....duh...they're fed gerber baby food.
5. If you really want your cat to do well in the prelims, get professional portraits done. We really did see this too. imagine your senior photos. great, now put fluffy where you are supposed to sit. there ya go; cat portraits.
6. you really want your cat to get as much boning as possible.
7. cats are called kittens until age two apparently. inspite of the fact that some of these "kittens" went up to my knees, and jen's waist.
8. the proper responce for any cats winning a ribbon (even if it comes in 15th out of 15) is to smile exstatically,clap, and say "yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay"
9. shrines are for the cats, not religious figures
10. most importantly, the closest resemblance you hold to your cat, the higher the placing it will get
so there you have the basics of cat showing and spectating. maybe later I'll get into explaining proper eye positioning, forehead width, and ear sizing.
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sword_chucks is a crack whore. as demonstrated below:

Ugh. Would someone please tell my mood to stop trying to be a sin wave? ...Actually, I think it may be shooting for tan... What would a point of exclusion be in terms of mood, anyway. Hm.

...I think I just got myself out of a bad mood entirely through going mathy on it. Wow. Mock me at will.

PIE! PIE should definitely apply!

ETA: I think there is something wrong with my brain right now. I think this because I just found myself thinking something that roughly translates into "I should be beaten with an overly large spoon and shoved in a can of anchovies." Well, that and wondering whether you could kill Al from Full Metal Alchemist by shoving him in one of those car compactor things, or whether that would just give you tiny, cute, cube Al.