December 13th, 2003

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Courtesy of the ever-humorous eiluned:

Signs that Deke and I need to go to bed.

Deke: ugh, so very tired.
Eil: m etoo
Eil: er.
Eil: that sounds like a Star Wars place name.
Eil: "Hurry, Anakin, we must get to M Etoo!"

Deke: ah. What's up thee?
Deke: there? sheesh
Deke: I think I should go to bed, too.
Eil: What's up, thee? How doest thou?
Deke: I guess that's how Elizabethan homeboys spoke. "What's up, thee?"
Eil: For shizzleth, my nizzleth.
Deke: [dies]

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size chart (dmc)

first post here

just because it amuses me, from a locked post with permission from lightningsriver:

Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain. Ew.
It's blowing like a summer storm out there. And other LUCKY PEOPLE are getting snow.
::kicks Florida in the nuts::
::figures that's right around the crook of the panhandle::
Tallahassee is Florida's Nuts!
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fake it till you make it

"so this is college"

From hetrez's journal, conversations she's had in the past two days:

Random Music Major: This band is all right. I'm not really a fan of alterna art grunge pop.
Me: That's an actual genre?
RMM: The cool thing about being a music major is you can make up names for any style of music you want. The way English majors can make up words for everything else.
Random English Major: Hey.
RMM: You, sir, are the most frumious gentleman of my acquaintance.
REM: Fuck you.
RMM: Hey, don't bandersnatch me.


Me: [on phone] Hi, can I speak to Ms H please?
Psycho Chick: I don't give out personal information over the phone.
Me: Oh, I'm not asking for personal information, I wanted to speak to Ms H. I was told she lived at this number, is she there?
PC: I don't give out personal information.
Me: No, but, see, I just wanted to talk to her and ask her a question, I don't need your personal -- wait. Do you mean you won't tell me if you're the person I'm looking for or not?
PC: I won't tell you anything about myself.
Me: . . .


hetrez: Say something in Russian.
lustorless: [in Russian]
hetrez: What does that mean?
lustorless: "Oh my god, a watermelon ate my ass."
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With stabbing!

Posted with permission. Not quite LJ, but still helluva funny. My friends Chris and Sibby on AIM.:P

Sibby: I have a dilemna
Sibby: Or dilemma
Chris: Oh?
Sibby: My brother's girlfriend wants to go YULE CAROLING because she's a crazy wiccan furry nutbag
Sibby: And she's invited me and everyone else
Sibby: SO
Sibby: SKIP IT, and miss out on enjoying time with my non-wiccan non-furry friends
Sibby: Or go and feel like killing myself so much I'll make a deadjournal and every single entry will have LISTENING TO: NIN!!!
Chris: Stab your brother's girlfriend in the kidney so she can't go and then have fun with your friends
Sibby: Yes!!
Sibby: You're like dear abby
Sibby: but with stabbing
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Where do Balrog's come from?

Excerpt from a discussion with a rather woefully under-educated and self-proclaimed Tolkien scholar.

Him: "I want to learn about the really important things. Like where do Balrogs come from?"

Me: "Didn't you know? They are delivered by a giant flaming Stork that swoops out of the sky. You did take Biology, right?"

mardahin here
Princess Dom


From this post:

Read a F/S today and was reminded of why I don't read them anymore. This was an extremely well-written fic, mind you, but the sex drove me batshit. "All I care about is your pleasure, Mr. Frodo." "But Sam, I cannot be pleased without your pleasure." "No, no, my pleasure is in watching your pleasure." "Dear Sam, my greatest pleasure is in your pleasure at watching my pleasure at your pleasure, so do go first." "No, I insist, after you." "No, no, I couldn't possibly. Please, after you."


-- mirabellawotr
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Celebrity Roleplay

From cheekyweebisom's journal.

Apparently, there are people on LJ with celebrity RP journals. Rather than pretending to be a fictional character (about whom they actually KNOW something), these people are out there pretending to be Leonardo DiCaprio. Okay . . . why do I find that insanely creepy?
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pot kettle bitch - truculent@journalfen

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Also lost my "dog decided your coat was as attractive a dog as any and left you a present"-inity on that green one I wear instead of the black one. It is now hiding in shame in a corner, and the black one is coming out of the closet until I have it cleaned.

with gas.

and a lighter.

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What the shit is this?
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"I will take the Nom," he said, "Although I do not know the way."

"...The point is Dean, Clark and Co should be going after Bush on this. NOW. All 9 of them and oh good God now my mind went to a bad place and here comes the image of the Democratic Fellowship, twisted by the dark Magicks of Bushauron.

Dean is Frodo of course – a hick from the hills of Vermont Shire who just happens to be obscenely rich.

Which I suppose makes Clark - Aragorn, who ticked off the rest of the rangers so badly that they kicked him out of cushy job of being the Supreme Commander of Rohan-Gondor Treaty Organization

Lieberman’s Boromir, way too chummy with the Enemy’s domestic program and making a desperate last stand against the hordes of orcish Uber-left-wingers.

Gephardt is Gandalf, who knows where every body is buried in the Middle Earth of the democratic party.

Kerry is Gimli, an angry and unhinged veteran with Issues who is clearly uneasy above ground.

Edwards is Sam, solid and dependable and utterly lost as to how he ended tied in this circus.

Sharpton is Merry - angry little person with a perma-curl on his feet and Mosley-Brown is Pippin, because nobody cares very much

And Kucinich is the fairy, hopped up on hobbit weed.

Hee-Hee… and Zell Miller is Saruman from Georgia.

Clinton is Elrond, and McCain is clearly Bombadil – means well, but doesn’t matter for shit.

Bob Graham is Denethor and I need prozac like a motherf-!"

-- from doqz
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