December 12th, 2003

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Tales of the (Imaginary) Filthy Rich:

'No, Daddy, I cannot go to your party, for my dress, though crafted entirely from diamonds and ambergris, is unbecoming.'

'But darling! I rented Lichtenstein!'


And where that came from, I have no idea.

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-- hisgreyeyes
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From dedemented in this thread:

Y'know how new parents like to repeatedly lift up their babies (in this case, a 9-month-old) into the air and swing them back down again to make them giggle? "Up Baby Maggie! ... Up Baby Maggie!"

Well, Mummy forgot that the ceiling fan was on, and Baby Maggie was clunked pretty well in the head a few times. Meaning 4 or 5 viscous whacks on my soft skull.

That was around 15 years ago (I'll be 16 in March), and although my mother didn't take me to the doctor's because she was too embarrassed that she had thrown her firstborn daughter's head into a spinning wheel of PVC death-plates, I'm ok.

...I just can't spell 'embarrassed' for the life of me--is there only one 'r'? Goddamn, thanks a lot, Mum.

So next time I post, you can be like, "Oh, there's Maggie...she's the girl whose mother tossed her in a fucking ceiling fan at 9 months."
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aaaagh. I actually had a dream about updating my LJ style and theme.

::twitches:: No more late night trips to the kitchen for something to drink.

- varyar
(from a locked post, with permission)
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Not really directly from LiveJournal so much as found by following a link from irisamelia's journal. Quoted from here:

"Humans are a lot more complicated than the worm," said neurobiology professor Steven Treistman of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Well done, sir. Did it really take you eight years of higher education and all those degrees to come up with that one?
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kandykorn on the deterioration of MWPP's relationship during their time at school and the subsequent paranoia at the end of the first war [if you have no idea what the hell it's on about... well to bad it's funny] and Snapes thoughts on the R/S ship.

"Meanwhile Snape is all 'WTF d00d? I'm the one who almost got killed, how come nobody ever wants to know what I'm thinking? Or doing? I'm out busting my ass trying to make sure you all don't end up slaves to He Who Screams Like a Girl. I have angst too you know!'

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to my fanon."