December 11th, 2003


On being less subtle...

Background: Prince of Tennis is an anime series with a lot of m/m subtext. You can't get through more than an ep or two without picking up on hints that something extra is going on between the guys. Some eps are less subtle than others...

By way of luminata's LJ:

Dear god, episode 112 was, yeah. XD It was like they took Ohtori/Shishido and Oshitari/Gakuto and drew little hearts all around them, and then threw in some sparkly glitter, and then put up huge signs behind them that said "yes, we are a couple." You know, in case you missed that subtext.
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New source!

On the perils of getting ready for work, from the LJ of anastasiab

I was listening to an instrumental tape of broadway songs the other day as I was putting on my makeup. I had to laugh when I noticed that I had totally unconsciously drawn whiskers on my face with my stick-foundation as I was listening to "Memories".
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Maria - Punk

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From cangetmad. Locked post, quoted with permission:

You know how, if you write a word often enough, you start to doubt that you're spelling it right?

Well, I just signed 60 religion-non-specific holiday cards (for work), and I had to check my LJ to see whether that weird collection of letters actually was my name. It's almost as odd as that time I woke up thinking I was an amoeba.

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When we're asked to destroy a shipment, we're allowed to open it up and take whatever is inside if we want it.

Today I was asked to destroy a shipment in a tube, and guess what I found inside?

A Kill Bill poster and the Aragorn ROTK poster.

See, now I have to keep this job. At this rate, the next package I'll be asked to destroy will have a grateful Johnny Depp curled up inside. Oh, yes.

- the ever-quotable apocalypsos
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cain's ballroom


Using the wisdom of the best fad of the early 80s and applying it to today. Totally brilliant post from mulberry_fields here:

1) What are they trying to govern on, sheer balls? That's a rhetorical question. Say you trashed your neighbor Inky's house. On your way there, your other neighbors Blinky and Pinky tried unsuccessfully to stop you. Later, when you were in charge of hiring someone to fix what was left of the house, would you ban Blinky and Pinky's companies from getting the contracts because they didn't want you to trash it in the first place? Well, OK, say you did that. Next day, would you show up at Blinky and Pinky's door asking for contributions?*


* your name in this little parable? Stinky. Stinky, Stinky, Stinky.
Hairspray is b_^_^_d
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after trying to keep track of ridiculous amounts of holidays so as not to offend anyone, i shortend my "holiday wishes" to a short and simple: "JOY!" and just leave it at that. because people can always use more joy. it's like chocolate. or ponies. ok, it would be possible to have too many ponies.

-- hornmafia in mock_the_stupid
freakish carl

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From enderw25:

*knock knock*
I open the door. Standing there is a man in a beige trenchcoat and a kid about 10 wrapped up in a winter jacket, arms swinging from side to side. Who are they? What do they w...Oh crap...
"Good evening. I'd like to tell you a little bit about our church."
You can't say anything nasty because he's got his kid there. Which is exactly why he brought the kid along with him.
He asks if I'm religious. I tell him I'm Jewish.
"oh really. Well, you know that Jesus was Jewish?"
No kidding? But his mom was named Mary.
"The bible tells us to pray for the Jews."
"Are you a practicing Jew?"
Oh how I wanted to tell him that I've been practicing for years and I'm now a finalist in the international Jew olympics. I'm hoping to win a gold schmekel.