December 10th, 2003


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I know that if I were to own an Armani shirt signed by Mr. Gaiman, I would spend an evening impersonating said author. I would get a black curly wig, put it into pigtails, find the nearest karaoke bar and introduce myself as Neil "Scary Trousers" Gaiman, Master of Modern Terror before launching into a rousing rendition of Baby Got Back. And if anyone questioned my identity, I would point to the signature and give them a very stern look.


5 things to do with a t-shirt signed by Neil Gaiman
Write "pay to the order of [you], lots of money" on it, take it to the bank, try to convince them it is a cheque and cash it.
Starch it heavily and put it on your bookshelf
Run it up a flag pole in your front yard. Delcare yourself soverign lord and ruler of the republic of Neilgaimaniana. Invent national dance, anthem.
Prop in a crazy vodoo ritual to steal Neil's powers.
Wear it to impress girls.

--a couple of random readers, on Neil Gaiman's blog.
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Crawled out to e-mail as many addresses as I could think of at work, in hopes of hitting someone who actually made it in, to let them know I'm not there. I'm sure they know I'm not there, but it's nice to confirm it so there's not another invisibility scare like with that guy in Social Services in '96. (They finally caught him with laser pointers and flour.)

The driveway is filled with rolling dunes of snow. And tiny, tiny snow camels. I think they burrow into the ground and hibernate most of the year, emerging when oh God I'm going back to bed.

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-- annlarimer

In college. Waiting to use one of the three computers connected to the working printer. There is ONE (1) working printer for FIVE HUNDRED (500) students. Those computers should be used exclusively for printing. You get on, you shove in your disk and print your shit, you move to one of the library computers for checking your mail.

Instead, there are three asshats using those computers to check out


-- hisgreyeyes

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Book of Mormon - spooky Mormon hell drea

From sassyeggs

I think there should be a training class on How To Make Coffee. If you're going to brew a pot, make sure the filter is set right & don't put in more than will fit in the filter! Because if you fuck up the pot, others will suffer, & then you shall suffer.

There are GROUNDS in my coffee.

I was about to drink the last cup, when I noticed all the sediment at the bottom of the pot. I dumped it out. I don't want to refilter my coffee, thanks much. It's drink, not crunch n' munch.

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silver_arm, here:

I'm inclined to prefer a 3-torus because the idea of the universe being a higher-dimensional type of doughnut is a very comforting thought for me. I understand donuts. I ate one for breakfast, along with a bagel. If the universe were a doughnut, I would feel much more at ease with my place in it.
we are all pawns in the hand of sad monk

Jewish humour. Go fig.

I've decided to become the first Russian/Ukrainian Jewish rapper...
I shall call myself 50 Shekel.

-durkah, who friended me randomly yesterday, and I have yet to actually meet (in the online way), but he's already amused me! Must be a keeper.