December 3rd, 2003

Doctor Who [Donna]

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I'm going to be dorky and quote myself (well, it's mostly quoting my sister, but I put the whole conversation up in my journal). Frank is, obviously, someone we don't like a whole lot :)

My sister: scaryfrank
My sister: *stabstabstabsfrank*
My sister:
Me: heeeee
Me: get him, fern!
My sister: fern: *attackattackattackfrank*
My sister: fern: *struts*
Me: Awww
Me: I have an attack fern!
Wow Neat

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I tried to shut [my computer] down again, twice. Then I told it to restart. Then I tried to shut it down again, and threatened to re-program it with a large axe.

No reaction.

Then it started to cackle and mutter something about hell spawn and world domination. So I unplugged it. Fucker.

-- rabia
I'll Need Booze For This One

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Unrelated comments re. this story:

Rogue-Your only 15 you look a lot older than that, whoa John is going to flip, John is 19!
If by "flip" you mean "go to jail", then yeah. I guess she's right.
-- arabella_o

Could only read a little of the fic before I felt this overwhelming urge to set myself on fire and run about the room screaming. Hmm, wonder why that is?
-- _honeyspider

*thinks back on the time before the movies when X-Men fanfiction was by people who read the comics and--* was just as bad, just in different ways.
-- peri_peteia

Today on Maury...

Katie was watching a talk show about 15 year olds who want to get pregnant.

I'm amused, really. I love kids and all, but I never would've even thought of wanting to have one when I was 15 years old. That's insane. I could barely handle extra-curricular activities at school at that age.

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Wow Neat

Hmmm, looks like a feline theme...

Miao was this scary sempai-your-ass guy who looked at me like he was wondering if I would fit into a random air vent or did he have to break my legs first. At least that *was* my first impression of him, and it didn't help that MM and Krimi (whom I'd also just met) kept telling me weird stories about how I shouldn't ever ask Miao his real name because he *would* shove me into the goddamn vent but not without feeding me to a meat grinder first, that's how much he hates his real name.

-- team7 -- read the entire saga of Catboy Bruno Bruno And The Case Of Mistaken Plagiarism here!

My lord. More icon space. It's a heady feeling, like a cat must feel upon being released from a carrier cage. Wow!

-- hisgreyeyes, upon being given a paid account
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digging for a winner

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In "It's all in the family: The Elweans and Ingweans" (an article on Elven genealogy) I found the following: "in Unfinished Tales Christopher Tolkien mentions "Thingol's brother Elmo -- a shadowy figure about whom nothing is told save that he was the younger brother of Elwe (Thingol) and Olwe"

... Elmo the shadowy elf?
stelpa (The first couple of comments are worth it, too.)

if i ever get married i want it to be like a child's ideal birthday party, balloons, zoo animals, magicians and birthday cake. so if i don't end up dying alone, consider yourself invited. dreamallday (Best journal EVER for such quotes.)
The Yoda

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Yesterday morning, I went to go turn off my alarm clock and thought about reseting it so I could sleep 15 minutes more, but then decided not to because apparently my alarm clock uses codes, and if it went off, I wouldn't wake up because I wouldn't be able to understand it. Yeah, I don't get it either.

- im_obnoxious
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Punctuating a sentence with "lol" is probably going to start pissing me off after the third paragraph. Especially in a long post. Especially when the sentence it's punctuating isn't particularly funny.

- othercat

Neil does it again.

officialgaiman on book collection envy and waking up crusty:

To tell the truth, I've always rather enjoyed waking up, crustily or otherwise, and seeing a book collection far better than mine. Whenever I've been lucky enough over the years to stay at John and Judith Clute's place in Camden, it's a magnificent feeling to wake up, remove the encrusted spittle, and see a book collection far better than mine, and know that that's just some bit of the book overflow that happened to creep into their spare room; I knew (as all book people know) that somewhere under Camden Town there are strange cellar-like rooms too low for full-sized men to walk through with their heads unbowed, filled with shelves and more shelves and only with shelves, and on those shelves is stored John Clute's Oh My God You have That I Thought It Was Only A Legend And It's a Signed First Edition God Almighty John Real Book Collection (as opposed to the book collection in his house, which is merely unimaginably impressive).
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SP Dee

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On the other hand, I want to second that vote for Queer Eye for the Straight Christmas. The 40-foot spruce near the fire hall that sprouts colored lights every year = cool. The house a block away with Santa, carollers, reindeer, lit up candy canes, snowmen, a nutcracker, a creche, and several angels = drive out of the way to avoid.

On the other hand, perhaps they're doing what they can to put us all in the Christmas spirit, as just about the only reaction to first seeing that mess (what is your phrase for it, Merle?) is a hushed "Oh... my... God..."

-- neadods
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