December 2nd, 2003

Whuh Huh?!

Am I allowed to be a total whore...

...and quote myself just this once? I think it counts, as I wrote it so late at night that I don't even remember writing it so it's like somebody else wrote it... ;)

haldiroflorien: *thanks the wonderful _redpanda_ profusely for buying him a paid account* *LOVE!*

_redpanda_: My pleasure. In return, I shall graciously reply without using the phrase "you'd better put out" in any manner whatsoever.
Fat Princesses

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In a discussion of a presumably evil Edgar Allen Poe, oh so cleverly named "Dark Poe":

Light Poe would be altogether unexpected. I desire to read of the merry meanderings of Light Poe, as in A Telltale Pudding, The Hammock of Amontillado.

- respndines
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i',m quire drunk omfg i need more cigraettes now lz kthxbye ok where is a shop open at this time? i wriote gay porn about my friend's boyfriend and robbie qilliams but it was inm latin might post in abit. when i have some more cogarettes,.

need morwe cougarettes ok.

everybpdy commetn on this or i will cryl.


ok yes goodbye omg hdear, ouch my head drtunkneess is funny ahahshahhahahahaha hoBBISTESES!±

this is _peapod (portia). drunk. *loves her* from here. the comments are funny, too, if you can get through all 174. O_________o

p.s. hi, first time posting! (LOVE ME)
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