November 30th, 2003

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Ariel: I can't wait for [ROTK].
Ariel: *dances*
John: oh, they decided to cancel it
John: instead they did selected scenes from the Silmarillion
Ariel: la la la la la
John: specifically the scenes where they just sat there and listed lineages
Ariel: Cheaper that way huh
John: yeah. they're even just using two-dollar spock ears for the elves
Ariel: And now - Christopher Lee reads the house of Noldor.
John: "I should have been the star of that damn film"
"that's not your line, sir"
"Edit it out then! You're so good with your little computers that a bunch of pictures got more time than m--Saruman!"
"We haven't got the budget..."
"...oh GOOD. Here is my list of grievances, Brad, come carry it out..."
"yes, master"
Ariel: The extras for that dvd would be Gimli describing his makeup troubles in full detail.
John: "and then my skin melted off and I was running around screaming 'augh, augh, it hurts like burning!' so they tried to fix it with peanut butter but then the hobbits got hungry..."
Ariel: Ahahahahahahah. Eru, you're wonderful.
John: I almost want to see something like that. Then my common sense intervenes.
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Photography is Fun!

Afterthought, here: want to become a photographer, so can make actors/people do weird junk anywhere and everywhere. No, no. Hug the monkey, look meaningful, and hold these scissors with your left hand while sitting in this tub of purple legos. The beauty of it..

-frooit, here
Mad Men Meg
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Dear GRE creators...

I don't know Bob and Sue and Helen and Tom and Pat and James, and I don't really care that Bob and Helen can't be on a committee together, or that James and Tom MUST be together, or that Helen cannot make her committee presentation immediately after Bob. Instead of making me figure out who is presenting second in committee B, why not tell me about Bob and Helen's obviously horrendous breakup that left them unable to work together, or the fact that James and Tom are lusting after each other and have to be together all the time, or that Helen has issues about her presentation and feels inferior to Bob. Cause, you know, that would be interesting and would not make me want to break down and sob incoherently that I'll never get into grad school if the decision to accept me into the college of my choice rides on my ability to determine if Pat can present after James.

From the fabulous biftec. More in the comments.
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