November 28th, 2003

nom de coeur


So I'm on this entry of lazalus's, thinking about the inevitable and how everyone felt about it ending, and then peachy869 posts this:

sometimes i like watching movies in the theatre and it certainly is a luxury to be able to cry over other people's problems but at the same time i hate it when you come out of the theatre and the difference between that world and this one is much too stark and it takes a while to get used to but you really don't have time to adjust when you are worrying about where you parked your car or throwing away your pepsi.

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godmademe's tales of Call Centre Hell!!! An excerpt follows.

JR: Well, can I send this phone in for a refund?
ME: No, you've had it for a year and a half, and besides, there's nothing wrong with it,and we can't refund the airtime
JR: Well, here's what I'll do. I'll stomp on my phone, then cut it up and mail the box of pieces to the warehouse and see what they can do with that.
ME: um...... that's your choice I guess

Insufficient background information

We robbed a bank--again. It's obvious that they would know that it's me who did it, but we did it anyway. We blew up the doors and stole all the money.

olego, describing a dream he just had, only he doesn't say he's describing a dream and the only reason I know for sure that that's what he's doing is that he's a friend of mine and I know he writes like this habitually. *sigh*
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rain, rain, rain...

paris_of_priam: Uh...okay...if you go to the 'katcam' here:

You can see what VANCOUVER looks like right now. Don't be fooled, that is NOT the ocean! We've had so much rain today that the streets look like the canals in VENICE.

(Just kidding, it IS the ocean...but really...damn we've got a lot of rain here today.)
ferretsofglory: You already have boats out there!
paris_of_priam: Yeah, but I don't have much time left to round up all the animals to put on them. Where are the FRIKKIN UNICORNS, dammit!?

(Do you think the Lord will mind if I take a keg of liquor along, for medicinal purposes? What with all these different kinds of SNAKES I'm carryin'?)
ferretsofglory: Now you know you need to bring TWO kegs!

What kind of Moses are you anyway??
paris_of_priam: Yeah....and I can put ONE keg on either side, and balance this ship with them BESIDES having em for medicinal purposes. =)

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These were two of the headlines, in order, on yahoo just now:

Woman's disappearance baffles N. Dakota
Mystery sound startles space-station crew

And of course, I went to a "Omg! It's the missing woman; she was hurtled into space!!!11!" place. I really need some sleep.

- zyre

How much is that rodent in the window?

Mom: Gerbil.

Me: That's a rat. Me on table. No.

Mom: It's not a rat.

Me: It's a small, pretty rat. That doesn't make it any less a rat.

Mom: How about a guinea pig?

Me: Bigger, prettier, smarter rat. No.

Mom: It's not a rat.

Me: It'll get out and organize the mice into rebellion against me and I'll end up besieged on the table. I've read about this. Not happening.
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