November 27th, 2003

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Academic humour from the LJ of d_benway

Well, I found it amusing. Some more so than others.

The exam experience, as described by film titles

Slumber Party Massacre

What happens when the instructor augments the midterm grades, then sets a final of similar difficulty to the original midterm.

Earth Dies Screaming

What happens when the instructor gets to read the course evaluations before the end of the course, and then reacts badly to the results.

Deep Throat

What happens when the prof's need to be liked is so extreme that he sets an exam which a dead student could pass.

9 1/2 Weeks

What happens when the prof sets an exam that he can just manage to finish in three hours.

Night of the Living Dead
What happens when the prof's evening exam is the third one that almost all students in the class have taken on that particular day.

Les Enfants Terribles

What happens when the students bring machetes to the statistics exam.
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I love the world (xkcd)

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"Sort of in the porn industry, desperately in need of a sandwich, and open all night just like her namesake.

"Would someone please tell Paris Hilton that the only thing differentiating her from a crack whore named Motel 6 is a monstrous trust fund?"

starman, cygnus
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Obligatory Christmas quotage --- get in early!

Well, 'tis definitely the season. The lights are up, the carols are blaring, and the air is redolent with the smell of overheating plastic from the swiping of credit cards. It's Christmas -- that most wonderful time of the year when you spend the best part of a month's pay, free time and sanity selecting the ideal gifts for your loved ones, wrapping them in pretty paper that's going straight in the wastebasket, and stuffing yourself full of turkey in the vague hope that if you keep your hands busy and your mouth full, you won't snap and kill those relatives you studiously avoid the rest of the year.

--- thessalian
Nomadicwriter&#39;s Jed

Things that chowderhead has learned from Quizilla.

1) I am a spearmint Tic-Tac
2) In addition to this, I may consider myself Samuel Taylor Coleridge
3) I'm also 'Mostly Evil'
4) However, I do have an Artistic Soul
5) My Inner Child is one year old.
6) But this certainly won't stop me from starring in Amateur Porn
7) ... In which I shall be portraying Transgender Barbie
8) Although it doesn't explain why I'm going to die of cancer

Damn... I never knew I was so screwed up!
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oh holy shit
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We tried on these horrible short skirts that just screamed -- well, they screamed a lot of adjectives that you're probably not allowed to put on livejournal.

anyway, we probably got STDs just by looking at them.

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Gotta Love Those Textbooks

From the French textbook I'm proofing:

"Two days ago, the victim died of a heroine overdose."


~From the ever-quotable circe_tigana

ETA: And another! On the subject of "Half Fling", the song from Viggo Mortensen's new album:

Once you've heard it... I'd like opinions on which you all feel is the most likely.
a) Dom and Elijah took acid,
b) Dom and Elijah were having their balls squeezed by Orlando, or
c) Dom and Elijah were actually given deep and meaningful lyrics about boomerangs and the empty quiet of space but got pissed the night before and forgot them, and so dragged Billy and Viggo into a little Tenacious D 'Tribute' stylee recording cubicle with a whole bunch of balloons and inhaled all the helium, bouncing about, poking each other, and getting tangled in the headphones.

...Okay that's offically the most fun image ever.

~tacks, here

(Read the whole post for even more pr0n hilarity.)
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Wicked » Through accepting limits

And the dish ran away with the spoon

Long time lurker, first time poster, yadda yadda.

By nariya in comments on trying to juggle multi-fandoms here:

You'd either explode from fandom overload or turn out like an electric shock victim...all twitching and mumbling about how it wasn't fair that Aeryn lost her soul and went bad a few hours after sleeping with Mulder, who used to date Michael but then he married Buffy and had a threesome with Scully. (Meanwhile, Nikita and Angel are somewhere in Romania killing some gypsy's oxen while John serenades the moon).
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"My uncle was talking about my little cousin who loves Harry Potter. Usually my cousin Max is Ron and my uncle Dan is Harry, but he said lately he has to be Dumbledore and Max is Snape, so he has to say things like, "Time for bed, Severus!""


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From a Things I Am Not Thankful For list by doubtful_salmon

All this bullshit about Michael Jackson on the news. ShutUP, I do not CARE, I do not KNOW Michael Jackson, all I want to know is what is going on in the world because that is what the news is for, and it is NOT the all-singing, all-dancing, all-child-molesting Michael Jackson show because I think they aired that for a while and nobody watched it.