November 23rd, 2003

c is for cat


In a comment to this, which somehow got from matriarchal societies to a recounting of a past debate on whether or not the last two people on the planet would be morally obligated to have children, even if this in some way involved sex with animals, the dead, or relatives, wisclassic said:

I actually at one point yelled, on a crowded pedestrian thoroughfare, "Ben, I am not talking about fucking chimpanzees, I am talking about fucking dead people and then impanting the babies in chimpanzees! "

And that's all I have to say about that.
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perkypaduan: I have to get myself a digital camera. That way your cat and my cat can do the internet dating thing. *g*

cruisedirector: STF, 7, full-figured, orange with thick stripey tail, seeks SM who enjoys sleeping, lap-stalking, trying to steal food. Belly-rubber a plus.

perkypaduan: freaks.

cruisedirector about her gerbils Aragorn & Boromir (awww!):

Veeg Aragorn is such a slut. And I am sure that Boromir is confused since Aragorn is, technically, his brother in the gerbil world and perhaps should not be licking him like that. Not that Boromir and Faramir in the movies seem to have the same problem with such know, I had better shut up before I completely incriminate myself. *veg*
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Ye Olde Slutte

Originally posted by moustachios

I am now 4248 words into the paper on gender differences and medieval food. Only 752 left to go, and I still haven't worked out how to include the phrase "Crabbe is a slutt to kerve."[1]

Maybe I can squeeze it into the title...

[1] Which I came across purely by chance, in some manual or other on serving meats, but which absolutely must be included. I think it's my favourite medieval quote yet.
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domino--by chuchan


magicalcow, here:

I don't think anyone really appreciates how much this really fucking hurts.

Allow me to describe.

Imagine first of all, that someone's just slammed a heavy metal object into your second-to-back left molar, then tied a rope around it and started dragging you forwards by it, tied to a bus. Then imagine that all of those magical WMD Saddam supposedly had were actually embedded into your palate, and are now exploding one by one. Also imagine that all of your top teeth currently feel like they're being squished by an industrial squisher/steam roller. Then finally, all of the top half of your face is now burning with pain, your cheeks are slightly swollen and the only way to relieve any pain is to breathe through the left side of your mouth, thus making you sound like either Darth Vader or a complete twat.
K: Eeevil!, Eeevil!
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brouhaha: We feel bad for you. Your torment is so obvious that it pains us. Admit it, Neo. You need to get some right now! are pining away for companionship.

mist3r_4nd3rs0n: how exactly do you woo smith ....

brouhaha: I've never seemed to get very far with it, so I doubt I'm the right person to be asking. You could buy him a cell phone and then call him on it -- that worked for Morpheus, apparently. Think about how you wooed Trinity -- namely, you died, then she confessed she had the hots for you.
You always have your knees. And in the end, it's all about spontaneity. ;) Just make sure to punctuate your love-filled speeches with lots of talk about purpose. He'll love you for that.


mist3r_4nd3rs0n: i think if i talk about inevitability he'll get a woody.

brouhaha: Yeah, that's a good one too. Hey, if you ever *do* figure out the secret of how to get Smith in bed...want to share?

mist3r_4nd3rs0n: *reads up on his Descartes*
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littlekfru appeals to the Crocodile Hunter.

"Dear Steve,

When things are angry, we do not poke at them with sticks, let alone the fleshy bits of our body. We do not pick them up and give them a cuddle. When things are angry we back away, and leave them alone.

Love,</br> Your Common Sense"

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