November 18th, 2003

The way I feel...

When I woke up this morning, I really had to concentrate to remember what day it was. My memory is going way downhill. I suspect it's a result from learning too much in college. Bummer, man.
-- alicey

*ponders what this means to his graduate-student self, who cannot remember to turn out the lights before he goes to sleep at night*
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on having a facial

Her: So, what kind of moisturizer do you use?
Me: Um . . . moisturizer?
Her: Yes, what kind do you use?
Me: Ah. Well, I don't actually use moisturizer.
Her: No, no, no. What KIND do you use?
Me: I don't use it.
Her: What do you mean by that?
Me: I don't use moisturizer at all.
Her: Sorry?
Me: Yeah, I just, you know, wash my face with soap and water.

At this point, she emitted a gasp that is merited only by a situation along the lines of going home to find that several members of your immediate family have been killed via chainsaw and ruined the Persian rug. One relative is not enough!

domino--by chuchan

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I think that Gregory has a sick fetish for womanly gloves. No, I am not kidding in my usual "let's poke fun at Gregory because he makes funny, old man noises" way. I'm kidding in my "Oh my God, does Gregory ever disturb me sometimes" way.

He wears his MOTHER'S gloves. These are NOT unisex winter hand garments. And has developed a liking for Caily's, also most certainly not unisex, gloves. o.O

Random Note: Leslie and I were late for CHEM12A today because she was reading, of all things, Yu Gi Oh. *mind boggles* It's difficult trying to do math when one of your best friends is sitting about a foot away exclaiming: "Why the *HELL* is he so SHORT!?!?" at random intervals.

cephiedvariable, here
Hiccup Astrid Kiss

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cmpriest's trials and tribulations while trying to register to vote:

i'm not registered to vote. it's a long story, one that could be summed up best if i put on a sock puppet show--one sock puppet being the state of Florida, and one sock puppet being the state of Tennessee. in the following drama, i will play myself.

me: i want to register to vote.
Tennessee: okay, here, fill this out.
me: [dutifully scribbles john hancock on appropriate paperwork]
[never receives voter's registration card]
[asks around at the offices likely to have explanations]
Tennessee : sorry, you can't vote here. you were declined for in-state tuition by the University of Tennessee, so you must not live here.
me: but i do live here. look--here's my driver's license. i've lived here for over 5 years [at the time of this conversation]. see? i have signed leases. i have worked here for many moons. i live in Chattanooga.
Tennessee: [sticks fingers in its ears and begins to loudly sing "There Are No Cats in America."]
me: but...
Tennessee : all of this compelling evidence aside, you must actually live in Florida. you voted absentee out of Pasco county in the last presidential election. clearly you live just north of Tampa, and not in downtown Chattanooga.
me : you people are idiots. i'll just call the people at the Pasco county courthouse. i bet they'll be more reasonable down there.
[picks up phone, catches a clerk at the courthouse]
me: excuse me, but could you please tell Tennessee that i no longer live in your fine county?
Florida: all your base are belong to us!
me: bastards.
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True Blood - Eric

My sentiments exactly....

Oh woe, oh me. Oh woe is me. The darkness of this winter sky doth drain the joy from my very marrow. What I wouldn't give for the briefest kiss of the Sun's tender warmth.

(peeks out window and lo and behold, what do I see? for the first time all day?)

Do my eyes deceive me, or do I look upon the glory of the sun? Sweet and lovely sun. Giver of warmth and light and life. Oh how I've missed you.

(five minutes later...)

Where'd the f***ing sun go! Cheap solar slut! Don't hear from you in days, you pop in, get my hopes up, then dash away to warm someone else's window sill. My mother warned me about you...

(sometimes, I really dislike winter...)

~ userinfoalchemywizardry
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My dad and I went to Wally World today. He bought me the TTT:EE. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

It went a little something like this:

Me: *clinging to the DVD set* *puppy eyes* Pleeeease?
Dad: Well... why should I buy this for you?
Me: I've got a 4.0 GPA?
Dad: That's nothing, anybody could get that.
Me: They could NOT!
Dad: Lemme think. Well, you're 18 and you've never been pregnant, I guess that deserves a reward.
Me: YAY!!!
Friendly Neighborhood Wal-Mart Employee who was standing close by: o.O

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