November 17th, 2003

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In reference to this post (no nudity):

eatthepudding: Miriam is such a hussy!! Kissing not one but two men, and to make matters worse, on the MOUTH?? I am shocked to the core by this shameless debauchery and must now scrub my entire body with a pumice stone because I feel so DIRTY. I've never seen so many bare knees in my life!! It is truly shameful. I realise morality has gone down the drain and I don't know about you people, but my knees are for my husband's eyes only.

amy_van_doren: Hehe!!! Don't worry, Mr Hays is just around the corner with his puritanical Production Code!! Then you won't have to worry about seeing such smut at the movies!
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from catvalente:

Many delicious things were had, including wonderful French wine (French food is hugley popular here) and pastries. In addition, I was introduced to Suntory whiskey and a Japanese innovation--wine in a box.

What's that, you say? Americans have wine in a box! It's called Franzia!

Oh no, my friends. You know those little boxes you used to take to school in your Batman lunchbox, filled with apple juice? Yeah, here they put wine in them. I cannot express how this would have improved my elementary school experience.
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This dude at work today had a message for me! It was...

Jesus loves me!

AWESOME! Becaue, you know, I was under the impression that Jesus and I were only casual friends who met at IHOP from time to time to split the Rutti Tutti Fresh 'n Fruity. Stupid Jesus always steals my strawberries. Fucker. -wilkdkingdok
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This is just beautiful...

"There are in this world a set of women who we all deserve to spend a set of time with. They are beautiful, intelligent, and despite varying levels of sanity, destined for greater things than we can imagine. Love them. Love that for a brief time you had them, and they wanted you more than anyone else in the world. Then drink up, suck it up, and move on." - ksbrayton
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From thegraybook, here:
Josh (to Alison) : Don't make me open a can of whoop-ass on you.
Me: I feel whoop-ass should come in resealable containers so you don't have to use the whole can at once and can save some whoop- ass for later.
Clio: Why would you want to save whoop-ass for later? If it's really whoop-ass you want to use it all at once.
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The other day Rachel and I were watching the telly (we were stalking the PoA trailer on E! and Access Hollywood, actually) and we saw a promo for the Victoria's Secret holiday fashion show, to be shown on CBS.

The rep for Victoria's Secret said, and I quote, "The theme for this year's collection is: sexy!"

And...this is different from all the other lines they've done how? Isn't sexy sort of their raison d'etre? Doesn't the fact that they sell lingerie sort of assume the notion that they'll want to make it sexy?

I can imagine that creative meeting. Hmm...I can almost see it...

Marketing Idiot 1: What should our theme be for this year's collection?
Marketing Idiot 2: How about 'sexy?'
Marketing Idiot 3: Nah, that's been done. I was thinking 'flannel.'
Marketing Idiot 1: Yeah! Or how about 'terrycloth?'

That's like a pizza place saying, "Our theme for this year's pizzas is going to be: CHEESE! And we thought we'd make 'em ROUND! Yeah! We're wild and crazy, but it just might work!"

Sigh. We're surrounded by idiots.

- madlori in this entry

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Found on another journal site by Jewel'

This evening when i get back i will finish up Chelle's "Happy" costume for her. She is exicted about being Happy in Snow White. There were a few people that thought she would make a perfect Snow White from her looks and voice but her height just wouldn't work for it. i think having the dwarfs taller than Snow White the story would loose something.

Ya think?