November 16th, 2003

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"Did I mention that Prince Harry was at my dad's work the other day? Monday I think it was. I know what you're thinking... well, what you'd be thinking if you knew where my dad worked, anyways. You're thinking, "What is royalty doing touring an abattoir?"

Apparently the property where he's staying out at Roma gets its cattle killed there. He must've just hitched a ride for a look-see or something.

Funny story. Well, amusing. Guy that works the loading was having trouble with a bullock going up the ramp, so he's jabbing it with the prodder and giving it some gentle encouragement in that time-honoured fashion of cattlement everywhere (ie. yelling "Go on you fucking mongrel bastard!"). Then he turns around and HRH Harry is standing there. Dad reckons knowing ol' Gary though, he'd have said the same thing had he known anyway..."-- _xehra
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it's sad. Chanting 'have sex' at the Angel episodes does not actually convince the characters to do the horizontal mambo.

Maybe it would have helped if we'd focused on a specific pair.

-- crantz

The Importance of Enjoying Your Work

"I think there's a lot to be said for not thinking too much about what goes on in your office, but when you spend over fourty hours a week doing something, I think it should be something you take with you. It should be important, and in your head, and interesting. When I was graduating college about everyone told me that I shouldn't plan on being happy after graduation (you think I'm kidding, but I was journalling back then so I can prove it). I'm going to be one of those happy people. If nothing else, I'll do it just so I can say everyone else was wrong." -- spacefem
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Royriza: internal affairs
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Ill-fated pirates in search of honey.

angstslashhope wrote a Guide To Fandom Dialect.

brb = short for 'bee! arrr! bee!' (ie. undead ill-fated pirates in search of honey)
eta = estimated time of arrival for my brain to get to this entry that i've already posted .5 seconds ago
beard = john rhys davies
liek = deliberate mispelling of "postmodernism"
wtf = watery fruit = fics in which elijah is made to cry a lot
tinhat = ned kelly costumer
fandom wanker = someone who types all their entries with one hand
flist = that move dom does when he...
viggo mortensen = acronym for 'oh my god'

She also has the best icon set evah. Yes.

Them Gondorians, gotta love em.

rohandove is trying to kill me. *wheeze, gasp, hysterical laughter*

Hello, Men of Gondor hotline. Can I help you?
I certainly hope so. My Denethor model keeps hitting my Faramir model.
Oh dear. You know those two models are not compatible. You do have a Boromir model?
Yes, but he is out with our Aragorn.
I see. You may have to deactivate your Denethor until your Boromir gets home.
Oh, sorry... it went quiet, I was looking for my Faramir... hold on... I smell smoke...
Ma'am... Deactivate your Denethor NOW!

And there's More!!!
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Oh, and you know those lollipops with the crickets in 'em? I got one each for qnotku, hundakleptisis, and tree220, who left hers on the dining room table. You know, I'd go get it, but somewhere between the cricket frozen forever in a rectangular block of grape lollipop and our cockroach problems, I'm just a little afraid I'm going to go out there and find the cricket quivering in the lap of a cockroach dressed like an itty bitty intergalactic bounty hunter.

-- apocalypsos
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ringteign being Voyeuristic ;)

Mr House-Buyer is moving some of his stuff into the garage at the moment so I'm staying out of the way. Although I have to admit I keep sneaking peeks through the window because I can't believe this guy's a carpenter. He should be in porn. Carpenting-porn. Mmmm....splintery.
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from blackholly's journal

Also, when signing, I complimented a woman on her dangling skeleton earrings and she took them off and gave them to me! I was stunned, but Angela rallied and suggested that we begin animatedly complimenting everything we liked. I think she was particularly taken by a small infant, but, alas, it was not given to her.