November 15th, 2003


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Kyra fills out a survey:

(337) Are you going out? In a few minutes, out to rehearsal.
(338) Will it be with your significant other? My violin. We're very close. ;) ;) ;)
(339) Or some random person? ...And a lot of those. Call it an orgy. Or an orchestra.

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I dislike the book Pride and Prejudice, I'm sorry to say. I just can't stand 17th century habits. I would easily pass this up:

Lady: I saw you with another woman, my dear. Are you having an affair?
Man: My dearest love, however did you come to that conclusion?
Lady: I saw you nibbling her crumpets, and I don't mean the food.
Man: You eyes did not decieve you; indeed I am having an affair.
Lady: I suggest escorting yourself from Langsterbury Manor immediately before I call the constables.
Man: I shall as soon as I finish my supper, love.

In favor of this:

Lady: You @%$@#%@%@#!%@ GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT!!!! *throws plate*

A great deal more exciting, eh?

- lance_reiloh
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