November 14th, 2003

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I was going to make some comment about my anticipation of Master and Commander by saying that movies about members of the fellowship and boats (the goonies, pirates of the caribbean) are a recipe for goodness. Then I remembered Flipper.

-- sharpest_rose
dave mckeen mirrormask

somthings fishy

i FINALLY have something good enough to put here,

"Ofcourse my wicked whacked out mind immediately formulates a picture of all those poor "dead" goldfish I flushed down the toilet as a child forming like the ba'ath party. conspiring to take o'ver the WORLD. la'ser shrinking humans and imprisoning us in glass spheres until tortured to death by their incessant tapping on the glass!" - mochabuzz

my mind is full of images involving militant goldfish!
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True Blood - Eric

I *so* needed the giggle this morning....

Also, Master and Commander opens tomorrow and am very hopeful for it as reviews have been good and I like the Aubrey/Maturin novels and big ships are nifty. On the other hand, I am prepared for a truly pathetic amount of freshly produced slash fanfiction from writers who simply cannot fathom the concept of men spending time together and not having that imply wanting each other's heaping helpings of cock-butter.

(You know, someday somebody should turn the tables on these writers and produce slash fanfiction about Steel Magnolias or Terms of Endearment or something. They're women and they spend all this time with each other, they MUST be diving for muff.)

~ userinfomightygodking
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Neanderthal Food

"Mm. The lone food products left in my refrigerator have already formed their own nation-state, refined agricultural techniques, and developed a
crude form of picture writing. I should replace them with edible things before they discover bronze or something."

o mighty bean
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"I am Roxxor of Borg. Your lewt and skillz will be added to ourz. From now on, we will pwn you. Resitance suxxors. (Copy to be assimilated.)"

-shenalia, quoting someone's forum sig-line

I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself.
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Public Service Announcement

Yes, there are some words in modern day internet-speak that just need to die. So I am killing them.

* "Like whoa!" - Come on people. That got old in April. Anyone who still says that isn't even using it to be funny anymore, they're going overboard. Like no!
* "OMGWTFBBQ" - It was amusing when the first 100,000,000,000 people did it.
* "Hurr, Thurr, Scurred" - Once the song has been played too many times on the Top 40 stations, it's time to give it up, kids.
* "Ish" - To replace "is" with "ish"... Honestly, who talks like that? Say it aloud a few times and you'll see what I mean.
* "Hella!" - I killed this a long time ago, people! Didn't you get the memo?
* "You're the sex!" - How can someone be sex? And oh ho, not only are they sex personified, they are THE sex personified. That's just lame.
* "Iz and Izzle" - Refrain from using these in everyday words, please. They just don't like being put there.
* "O.o;;; and =@.@= and '~.~' etc." - Smilies are our ways out of typing, "I'm happy" or "I'm suprised" because we're lazy fucks. Now why would you use a smily that takes just as much effort as the words themselves? Keep the emoticons simple, please.
* "Diekthnxplz" - Same as "OMGWTFBBQ". Apply bat to horse carcass if you use this still.
* "Whatev" - If you can't muster the strength to type the extra "er", you should invest in some time away from the computer.

- onatopp
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