November 13th, 2003

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From this thread at pottersues:

"I love how she keeps saying in the Litmus Test "defense" that "Harry isn't in this series. It's not about him. He's not in it at all." Um, YES HE IS. You just changed his name and took his penis away. And I bet he's really indebted to you right now for giving him menstruation. Like he didn't have enough to deal with."

- sam_chan.
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"Yeah. And if things really went my way, I'd be a rich, well-respected, prolific author -- one of those kind who really did manage to affect some change in this sweet old world of ours. Or maybe I'd just be the unquestioned benevolent dictator and Grand Solon of the Earth. In either case, I'd be having Naomi Watts and lots of hot, wild sex in my bed every night. Since absolutely none of that is currently true, I think we can safely surmise that things really aren't going my way." -eventhewaves
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i made a cake last night, and it looks sort-of okay. i mean, it's not exactly a confectionary masterpiece, but at least it's not shuffling around on the kitchen counter moaning for brains.

--BY cmpriest. I will never eat cake again.

Happy Windsday

"The wind's picking up outside now and already I can hear a few things falling over and being whisked away. I hope it's not the cat. This afternoon sudden gusts of wind would slam our door open at work and scare the shit out of me. It sounded so loud it was as if a giant had kicked the door open, stomped in and boomed "Packet of sixty-watt lightbulbs please." Because that's what we sell at work, it's not just some random thing that giants might say. Although he might have trouble screwing the lightbulbs in with his huge hairy fingers so maybe he'd ask for a toaster instead." - ringteign
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I'll Need Booze For This One

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Also, just finished The Drawing of the Three. Because suddenly I have transformed into a giant Stephen King junkie and can't get enough.

But seriously, Steve. I'm cool with the pop culture references - a good Lord of the Rings allusion was just what The Talisman [needs], I agree with you - but referencing yourself? Please, honey, take your hand off your cock and put your DVD of The Shining away.

-- hisgreyeyes