November 12th, 2003

Girl's best friend

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"Attention everyone:

THIS is MY post. It's only here for me. It's not supposed to be here for you. So if you don't like this post, don't read it. I only want you to tell me if you like this post. If you don't like it, then go away. This is MY post. It's how I want to write it. And I can do whatever I want. Lots of other people write posts that are a lot worse than this one, so don't criticize this post. If other people write bad comments, then I can, too! And don't tell me I should use paragraphs. This is my post and I can do whatever I want. So there!

*sticks out her tongue at everyone*

I'm the maturest petulant brat you ever saw!"

silverhill responds to the "It's my story; I can do what I want" types in deleterius
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"I'm really really cheerful, and it makes me ill. I'm just flowers and beads and honey and pornography and 20-foot-tall statues of naked Jesus today. Aren't I special?"

Courtesy of otterlot.
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Stop it or you will go blind!

I loved the report that was released a little while back about the risk of prostate cancer decreasing in men who "self-date" than in those who don't. I was discussing this in the car with Michelle last week. I never know how we get on to these sort of topics, but we always do. She mentioned that she'd heard that women who get their breasts fondled regularly have a decreased risk of breast cancer. This raised the question of whether it had to be someone else do the fondling, or if we could grope ourselves to the same effect. But then I thought, that even in the name of a reduction in risk, I would still feel a bit cheap if I groped myself before at least taking me out to dinner. Possibly a movie and a bit of light dancing before I felt comfortable in letting me get to second base with myself. You have to have standards. I mentioned this to my friend Erin and she just laughed and asked what my boyfriend would think of it. What he'd think? He'd probably ask to watch.

From socialchameleon
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Meanwhile, we learn that publishers are not leaping all over each other to publish David Blaine's diaries from inside the glass box. Possibly this is because everyone knows the plot already. (Man sits in box. Man gets thinner. The sun rises. The sun sets. Sometimes people throw eggs.)