November 10th, 2003

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theferrett on Furries

On Furries
Some people said, "Well, the furries are a different group of people who harm nobody. Is there anything wrong with that?"

No. But it still creeps me out. Is there anything wrong with that?

One of the thing that irritates me about the fan subculture is that they tend to equate "weird" with "protected" - as in, "These people should never be mocked just because they're different. Their lifestyle's as valid a choice as yours or mine."

No, their lifestyle's still fucking strange. They can choose it, and I'll support their right to do so - they should never be beaten or prevented from doing what they want behind closed doors. But I still reserve the right to point out that two gay guys in semen-spattered Smokey The Bear suits going at it in a sixty-nine position is pretty fucking funny.

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Saw The Matrix.

Agent Smith, I want to have your children. Except apparently meiosis isn't your thing.

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...and Flying Camels.

"If you'd written a book, would *you* want someone to slash your characters?"

Well...yeah. I would. Except then, the question started to morph into this:

"If you'd written a book, would *you* want someone to write about one of your characters having sex with a camel?"


Fannish Immorality = Writing Slash = Camel Fucking.

It's all clear to me now.

By bethbethbeth in this entry.
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o mighty bean
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On NaNoWriMo

"I have 16000 words of pure suck. If they ever ran out of suck for vacuum cleaners they could put my NaNo in them and they'd suck the carpet right off the floor." -herefox
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I doubt everyone will find this funny, but it cracked me up :)

A quote from Viggo of lotr_dreams, a LOTR RPG wherein the world of the movies is infecting the real world via a stone bowl:

"We had a pack of wargs try and hunt each one of us down. What if next time it's a Balrog? Then it's 'Hi Ian, would you like to come over for a slice of pie and look at the fascinating artifact we found? Oh, sorry, forgot to mention the shadow and flame.'"

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I have Sam from The Two Towers telling me, "There's only one way to eat a brace of conies," over and over again in my head. I think it's because I first thought they were eating "abrasive ponies", and this is my brain's way of mocking me for abandoning it.

- deadspiders
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The best way, I find, to end a religious debate (regarding 'the pope: Insufficient for God's purpose or not?') that you don't really want to be involved with is to announce, "That's interesting! Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going off to write angel porn now."

- A public service announcement from harukami
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I've been getting spam lately telling me all the wonderful products that I can use to eliminate spam. Which strikes me as just really stupid. Then again, I'm also being offered products to make my non-existent penis grow to a size that would make the demons in "Legend of the Overfiend" reach for the extra pair of socks to stuff down the trousers, so who am I to judge the intelligence of spammers?

-- deathpixie

I'd been told that Depp was the Gayest Pirate Ever, but I wasn't quite prepared for just how very, very gay that was.

-- cherryice

Back From Europe

And boy are my arms tired. Seriously though, if I never hear the term 'anal probe' used again, it will be to soon. On the lighter side, Area 51 makes a damn fine tuna salad sandwich. Who knew? I'd get the recipe, but the Army is busy insisting that the lunchroom is just the reflection of Venus off some swamp gas.

Just a brief note. There are 100 people who have me friended now. Damn, that's eerie. I feel strangely required to be entertaining. Too bad this post flushes that idea down the tubes.

-- dexfarkin

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Since we've all spent so much of our time saying that we're So Going To Hell for our wicked wicked ways, and since we're all so sure that RotK Is Going To Kill Us, maybe it would be an idea if we started learning sekrit handsigns and colour-coded messages so that we can all recognise each other in Satan's toasty realm of naughty sin. I'll be the one with the jaunty hat.

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flaming_muse about the way, vampires work...

We know that vampires exist and that certain rules govern them; I build my understanding of the BtVS world from that base.
And then I get to wondering about what happens if a vampire crashes a car into a house into which he wasn't invited. My current theory is that s/he would be held at the edge of the house and thus the car would smash through him/her. It would be messy. They should totally do it on the show.
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