November 8th, 2003

domino--by chuchan

You have to play the game. Trust me.

very_verydanger here:

I wish I had a talent for remember URLs... vv Because I was playing FFVIII today, and I had to fight Fujin and Raijin---AGAIN---and I remembered this fic I read a few months ago that kicked my ass... lol.

Lesse... Squall and Rinoa were getting married, blah, blah... lots of talk about strippers and parties... la la la... made fun of Irvine, yada yada... but the end was AWESOME.

Rinoa threw the bouquet.

Fujin caught it.

And replied with: "OH, SHIT."


Every FFVIII fanfic should end with that line. Seriously. Because then I could laugh insanely all the time!
c is for catja

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Finally watched Pirates of the Caribbean. Kiera Knightly's mouth freaks me out, and Johnny Depp is, as all and sundry keep telling me and all other parts of all and sundry, fantastic. Jack Sparrow and Chris Kirkpatrick could bond over their beard-art and dreads, and there'd be angst because Chris is over his pineapple-hair phase and has left the beard horns behind, and so he's recapturing his lost youth in Jack, and Jack is trying to get to Justin's bling through Chris, and hello, we have the makings of a perfect 96-part epic of pain and woe. If it were a highschool AU it would be even better than that.
just breathe

It's funny 'cause it's true...

I'm so going to be on the next reality series. What is it? Big Brother Part 12, where you get stuck on a big island where you have to sing sixties musical numbers for your food, wear clothes that are slimming, renovate your palm tree, and accept roses from pretentious gits to get the five Gay Guys to come around and make your hair pretty.