November 7th, 2003


The naming of kids is a serious matter...

From the LJ of socialchameleon:

Oh yes, Laurie. We named her future children (as every teenage girl does). She's decided she is having twins, Mortar and Pestle, of course Mortar being the boy and Pestle the girl, and her last child, Purple Epiglottis Pandora, known as Epi for short.

I think Epiglottis would be a great name for a kid.
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Posted by corialis: is a constant source of entertainment:

Customers who bought Homosexuality in Greece and Rome also bought:

Sexual Ambivalence
by Luc Brisson, Janet Lloyd (Translator)

How to Do the History of Homosexuality
by David M. Halperin, University of Chicago Press

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets (Widescreen Edition)
DVD ~ Daniel Radcliffe
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Just the facts

Not only are the allegations untrue but:

a) the goat was not, in fact, Spanish, but Portuguese, and is currently living safely in a wildlife preserve in East Molesey.

b) The Tango is a dance made famous in Argentina. "Erotic licking" plays no part in the Tango. Neither, of course, do balloons.

c) only a lunatic would apply shoe-polish to a weasel.

d) if the alleged incidents had in fact occurred in broad daylight during a car-boot sale in Harrow then there would be photographs, and quite possibly a plaster cast.

e) by now the "Use by" stamps on the yoghurt would have expired, indicating it as unfit for human consumption.

-taken from officialgaiman, here
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Strip club

I've long said that my ideal strip bar is a small coffee table. You pay an exorbitant fee up-front, but the stripper comes over to you, fully-clothed. You both order espressos and discuss who you are, how you got there, talk about politics and women's rights and religion. And then, after about a half an hour of get-to-know-ya talk, she says, "Would you like to see my breasts?" and then lapdances me.

That would be tremendously erotic. I'd go every night.

(said here, by theferrett)
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