November 5th, 2003

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A conversation in the comments to this entry
about this icon

miriam: Say.. that's NOT your icon, PLEASE... tell me my glasses are dirty!! *lol*

Me: WHAT?? it's hellishly cute!!! *beams*

miriam: And, erhm.. you are out of the doll phase, right? RIGHT? ;)
Hmm.. but I can realte to kinky girlie games.. hehe

Me: *sigh* *shakes head fondly*

miriam: Well, I'd never ever buy a Spike doll.. never!! But maybe I should and ask James for a signature on his penis! *lol*

Me: I don't think he has one...
the doll I mean :-P

miriam: *lol* James has no penis! James has no penis!!
Okay, I'll stop! ;)

So why has the doll no penis??
Is he going to bump Xander with his head??
And now don't tell me that if you own both dolls you are NOT going to try to let them have sex!! :p
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From this post by damanique

A long long time ago on a 486DX2 computer in the year 1993..)
Mom: *plays Arkanoid*
Computer: *crash*
Dad: OMFG the computer crashed!
Mom: Is it because of the game?
Dad: Yes, don't play it again!

A few days later..
Me: *plays Arkanoid*
Computer: *beep. beep. beep.*
Me: *continues playing*
Me: How can one pixelly DOS game destroy a compu-
Dad: Don't argue with me! EVIL! I'm deleting it from the computer! Don't ever play it again!
Me: Ooookaaay...
Whuh Huh?!

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Subject: When you realize that bad slashfic is not far enough out of your range

Do you ever have the sense that Glomgold and McDuck had a long standing "life mate" sort of relationship going for them before the nephews arrived? Like, every time there was treasure, there they'd both be with their little hats and silly pants. Yeah they'd fight, but they both understood what the other wanted and could respect that. Then Scrooge finds these nephews and all of a sudden he's not as intently focused on the gold. He's drawing lines in the sand about "morality" and "not killing the civilians." Of course Glomgold is pissed! He got dumped at the ripe old duck-age of 60!

-- heiligekuh

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"I wanted to read a article, watch an ad and get a free day pass blah blah, and there's a Jose Cuervo ad, launching very very slowly in this ancient browser at work - I got to stare for a full five seconds at GREAT COCK before it resolved into GREAT COCKTAIL RECIPES. For a moment there, I thought tequila was the new Viagra." -- flambeau
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Miscellaneous quotes.

From d_benway - the saga of Grant continues...

Yesterday, Son of Grant was executed. Amnesty International may come after me for this.

From thebitchtrolls - popslash loves you!

See, honey? Wade loves you too. He only shows his butt to people he really likes.

And again, from thebitchtrolls, regarding the new LJ icon policy:

Dude. Is it to much to ask that you, the half of the journal with the credit card, whore yourself on the street to renew our account and get us more icons like everybody else in the world has?

I mean, really. Think about my needs for two minutes.

From the European hijinks of doqx

In the past month a lot of things happened to me that I do not consider particularly enjoyable. I was groped and I was robbed, and I ate goulash. All of that was traumatic to various degrees.

I have to say though, that being pistol-whipped, sucks on a whole new level of sucky sucktitude.

More of a "wth?" quote from icewing - seriously, there are schools that do this?

Whoever came up with starting registration for classes at 4am on a Monday is an asshole.

And lyssie had a traumatic Sunday:

Church, for some reason, has become a vast arena for what appears to be marketing reseach seminars. At least, I assume that's why they had a powerpoint presentation instead of a sermon. Although the really crappy singers baffled me, as did the New Age piano music...

...But I was wishing I'd either burst into flames when I stepped in, brought a gun to shoot myself with, or, left during the service.

Sadly, I'm too responsible, and suffered.
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Lost - omgwtfpolarbears!
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kazzik writes an (imaginary) letter after being mocked by the Orange website one time too many:

"Dear Orange,

I would like you to know that your technical support pages provide less support than Charlie Dimmock's underwear. And also that "Orange Help" is possibly the biggest oxymoron since "Microsoft Works".

Sort it out.

hugs and kisses
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springtime the pony

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croaky on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:

Of course, seeing Mina as a vamprie just made me suspect that ah-hah! guess they DID refrain from dustify Dracula andlocked him into a London basement instead (fancy the collectors' value!)

TyGeR tYgEr burnin' br!gh+

It was William Blake who said that the fulfillment of Christianity was the Marriage of hEaVEn and HEll

*scratches head*

*browses through her copy of Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell*

Am uncertain just where in this William Blake endorsed the use of toggle-caps and teeny speak.


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From officialgaiman:

I got a much-needed haircut today.

While I was sick I grew an accidental beard, and once she'd finished cutting my hair Wendy-from-Hair-Police decided to do things to the beard, on the basis that whatever she did, I'd still get rid of it in a couple of days. She wound up turning it into an extremely sinister Van Dyck, which has the effect of making me look, well, extremely sinister. I now look like the sort of person who, when the hero says "but -- but you promised that if we did what you asked, you'd spare the Earth, and, and we brought you the girl. Dammit, you promised!" nods thoughfully and says "I lied," as he reaches out to press the red button marked Press Here To Blow Up Planet.
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you always said the world will never las

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Cannot get men to go on boat. Am gaming retard of worst kind. Clicked on one shirtless man, right-clicked on boat, man stands and continues to admire scenery in utmost insolent manner. DAMN HIM. DAMN HIM TO HIS PRIMITIVE HUTS.
-lestrange, re. Age of Empires
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Fox and magpie (art (c)

The lighter side of Canadian politics.

"Yeah, so Saskatchewan's going to the polls today.

I think we're a bit desperate for coverage though. CTV news top story entailed following the party leaders to their voting stations and filming them dropping the ballot in the metal box.

However, for some reason, they also chose to film and show Saskatchewan Party (Conservatives) leader Elwin Hermanson getting his mail and going to the corner store before going to vote in the small town he's running in., we're boring."

shahrizai tells us what's going on in Saskatchewan, while the rest of canadakicksass looks on in amusement.
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