November 4th, 2003

stealth whap

Frankenboobs, and other dangers of advanced pregnancy...

So imagine my surprise when I gazed at my once adorably small boobs to find that they look like they've been re-animated in a horror flick. They're only moderately larger, but the nipples are darker (and I think have a new life of their own) and my boobs are covered in blue veins, racing like the LA freeway system over a rather large surface area.

I'm good with the tummy. I expected the tummy. I did not bargain for Frankenboobs. I was quite shocked to discover that in my new-found lack of shame in wandering around the house naked because I can't breathe in any of my bras and clothes anymore that my husband was looking at the boobs from Frankenhooker.
-- thepessoptimist
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spn - brother times

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On this thread:

setissma: I will have to write peasants. *heaves a sigh*
pookerdoos: And the peasants rejoice! Yes, that was cheap.
setissma: But cheap humor is almost as good as cheap beer, which makes Keir (who is a vaguely alcoholic character in the book I'm working on) rejoice!
pookerdoos: Better yet, cheap beer leads to cheap humor which leads to cheap wenches which leads to cheap sex which leads a kid that unfortunately is not cheap, which leads to excellent twisty plot lines!
setissma: You are my hero.
pookerdoos: I am, at the very least, extremely attractive, tall, and with cat.
setissma: I steal your cat.
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lady_t_220 upon coming back from the states

If I've promised you something upon my return to the UK, PLEASE drop me a line because whatever it was, you can be sure I've forgotten.


and whimsicalnotion meant that:

Also tonight there's more Smallville season two on E4. Strokes Sky lovingly. I knew there was a reason I chose broadband and cable instead of an active social life that involves actually going out and spending money.
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springtime the pony

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So I'm NaNo'ing, and I needed a bit of inspiration and a name for a cast extra in the village, and hop over to a great generator site, the name generator at

I get my guy's name, and I still need a little bit of a push for ideas for this guy, who he is in the village, that sort of thing, so I head to the Quest/NPC generator list.

The first thing my eyes landed on made me start to giggle. It generated an evil male character who's a midwife. An evil male midwife.

I didn't realize it was such an equal-opportunity time back in a medieval/fantasy setting. Isn't being a midwife a woman's job (hence the wife bit?)

So now I have this mental image of somebody like Grima Wormtongue playing at being a midwife or a nursemaid -- in drag. I'm either very amused, or very disturbed.


From an entry following a graduate presentation:

copperbadge: Well, it could have gone worse. I could have caught fire.

gonzothegreat: Good thing you didn't catch it, there's a lot of it going around you know. 'Sorry, can't come in today, on fire.'

casira: "I will be away from July 6 - 12, as I will be attending my own personal conflagration. I will return after rising from the ashes and will get back to my e-mails by Monday. In the meantime, any emergencies should be directed to the following address...."
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She also plans to construct a time machine

From godmademe's 'to do' list for this week, item number 2.
2) Perfect a system of selective telepathy to eliminate the need for cell phones. You would only be able to share thoughts with someone who allowed you into their mind. I came up with this while on the phone with a 734-year-old guy who referred to half the buttons on his phone as "flicky-doos" or "up and down things"
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